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If You’re Doing This, You’re Stopping Your Money Flow

By Amira Alvarez

A lot of people resist upleveling their wealth experience.

Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

Consciously you want a nicer life, the ability to buy what you want, a few more luxuries here and there…

And you certainly want to be free of money worries, like worrying about paying your bills, or having enough for you and your family now and into the future.

But did you know that you can make a ton of money and still worry about money? I speak to women all the time who have this experience.

They are entrepreneurs, women in business for themselves, and even women at high levels in corporations… making high 6-figures and over 7-figures and they’re worried about money.

Now, why is that? Given that they are making more than the average Joe?

You could answer this in a very practical way and say, well it must be because their spending outweighs their earning potential and savings. That’s sometimes the case… but rarely… in fact, 98% of the time that’s not the case. (And I speak to a lot of women who fit this scenario.)

The TRUTH is…

It’s a habit of worry. It’s a BELIEF that they have to worry. It’s an unconscious, yet firmly rooted family loyalty pact that says that they have to worry about money… that’s just what we do.

It’s programmed into your DNA and supported by the culture at large. How many people do you know who don’t worry about money?

Think about it…

It’s culturally accepted and even encouraged to worry about…

  • Paying your bills.
  • Your kids college educations.
  • How much groceries cost.
  • Whether you’re spending too much on that bottle of wine or dinner.
  • The price of that new car.
  • To buy that or not to buy that.

And it’s the same in your business. You worry about spending money on…

  • New hires and building team.
  • Software and hardware to make your workflow better.
  • Business or executive coaching.
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Booking the event space.
  • To buy that or not to buy that….

Now, I know, you’re probably saying… “But I have to worry, Amira. I don’t have enough.” Or, “Amira, isn’t it prudent to worry about the money flow and how much I’m spending?

And that’s where you go wrong.

See the Law of Compensation says… “when you become too large for your present place you will begin to draw yourself to something larger; you cannot attract the better until you first become larger.”

This is hugely important. So let’s break this down, but first two caveats…

  • This is only a part of the Law of Compensation–a critical part yes, but it mustn’t be taken alone. There’s so much to it.
  • This is only one of the Laws of Success (otherwise known as the Laws of the Universe). Again, not to be taken alone. You must raise your consciousness to all of them and work your life and business with them all in mind.

This section of the Law of Compensation says: that in order for you to receive more you must grow your requirements, your needs, and yourself. You must expand and when you do, your needs are met (compensated) at that level. (Go with me here…)

How do you do this?

By raising your standards for yourself.

And how do you do raise your standards?

By using your money on the things in your life and business that you desire without worry. (Worry is a giant stop-sign for the Universe and will completely block your flow.)

You uplevel your experience of life. You use your money to raise your standards for yourself.

I suggest you start incrementally from wherever you’re at…

For me, it started a few years ago by paying for something that felt frivolous to me at the time… a blowout. Not a haircut, but a blowout. It felt so indulgent! But you know what? I didn’t die. In fact, I felt so pretty and put together, so “OMG, is this really me?” and absolutely delighted… never going back.

Now, this means flying First Class and purchasing my clothes at Neimans. (For some reason, shopping at Neimans is more of a stretch for me… but I'm embracing that stretch.)

In business, a good example of this is hiring team. Hiring your first assistant or contractor, then your next and your next… you are spending money, this is increasing your need level, and this actually allows more money to come to you.

Don’t worry…

It’s not one-to-one… you’re not going to be using as much money as you receive… if you put the other Laws into effect at the same time.

But if you want to uplevel your wealth experience, if you want to receive more money… you’ve got to get good with upleveling how you use money… and this means actually doing it, increasingly over time, and without worry.

It means focusing on your work, what you’re giving and producing, and the receiving side, and not on the… “If I spend that, will I have enough?” side.

It’s about raising your standards of how you live and work.

And this is REALLY hard for most women.

We’re taught to sacrifice. We’re taught to give to others first, to put our needs and desires last or later, to not ask for too much. We’re taught to be good little girls. (F– that!)

This is your one life! Let’s live it full out… NOW!


PS: I invite you to stand in your power with no apologies and bring all of YOU to the world in a bigger way. Start now. This is so important. This is how you get the wholeness, peace, and joy that you really want.  Contact my team today!





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