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Wondering where your clients are?

By Amira Alvarez

Where are your clients?

Where are your customers?

How do you find them?

Are you asking these questions?

Want to know where they are? Want to know how to find them?

Tired of the “go where your clients are” type of advice? Then listen up…

Your clients are everywhere. You're just not seeing them. Your brain is being myopic.

Undoing that starts with a paradigm shift.

I had mine quite recently actually…

I was at a conference in Chicago, at one of those mega convention centers. I had joined my husband for the weekend as he attended a real estate investment bootcamp.

This wasn't the first of these that we had gone to. Each time we go to attend a training on a different topic, there are several hundred people in the session. There are usually 5-6 of these sessions being held at the same time. Which means that this company who puts on these trainings has drawn over a thousand people to each event.

There's an event every month. Not everyone in the program attends each event. In fact the majority don't. Which means that this company has thousands upon thousands of customers and is consistently growing.

But this wasn't the only conference happening at the mega-convention center.

There was some sort of electrical engineer conference, but it was more specific than that. It was an incredibly specific subset of that field. I don't remember exactly, but I do remember thinking… “wow, that's a pretty narrow field.” And guess what?

There were hundreds, maybe thousands of them too. Yup. Loads of these folks.

And these weren't the only two conferences happening there. There were more groups with more people.

People everywhere.

And the people represented at this conference center are only a very small (infinitesimal) subset of each of these company's target audience.

Or think of Disneyland. If you've been there you know it's packed. There are many thousands upon thousands of people there every day. EVERY DAY. And this is only a small subset of their potential customers. No shortage.

Or you go to a concert. Tons of people.

What I'm saying is your customers are plentiful. You're just not seeing them.

This in turn means that they don't see you.

If you don't *believe* they are there, you are cutting yourself off from them.

If you are saying some version of “no one will pay for this here” in my small town, my overly competitive big city, my country, my culture… you are being myopic.

If you are saying some version of “no one will pay for this” or “no one will pay such high fees”… you are being myopic.

If you are saying some version of “it's hard to find customers”… you are being myopic.

People are everywhere. Your people. Tons of them. You've got to see them and claim them.

The solution to “customer acquisition issues” begins in your mind. Start seeing your customers everywhere.

Walking down the street, in the grocery store, driving that car, in the movie theater… SEE THEM.

Recognize that they are everywhere, abundant, and plentiful. Open your mind to this and keep it present.

Your customers are waiting for you to recognize them. This is your job.

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