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Why You Need To Be Quiet To Grow

By Amira Alvarez

In our attempts to be helpful, solve problems, shine, and grow our business quickly, we often forget to get quiet and listen. This can be true even for people who have a regular meditation or presencing practice.   

A big teaching point from one of my recent retreats was the reminder to folks to “shut up and listen.”

That phrasing may sound harsh, yet it was done intentionally to snap the attendees (and now you) out of what I call: the complicity of assumption.

  • The assumption what know what people think and feel.
  • The assumption that we know what their problems are.
  • The assumption that we know what they’re going to say.
  • The assumption that we know what’s important to them and what they want.

This is projection.

Truly listening and hearing others isn’t just important… it's essential… and as a culture, we’re not great at it. We make a lot of assumptions and this doesn’t allow us to truly show up in service to our fellow human beings… whatever our business may be.

Instead of really hearing someone else’s words, we’re busy formulating our own thoughts and responses… we’re half-heartedly nodding and saying “mmhmm” as others share what’s going on for them just waiting to respond… we might even be multitasking and checking our email while on the phone…

We’re so used to keeping ourselves in motion… moving, doing, making, checking, being one step ahead… that we don’t really get still, be quiet and plug in, and truly pay attention to the TRUTH of what’s being shared.

There’s huge truth available when we really get curious, listen, and don’t project.

Now’s the time to ask yourself, where are all the places in your business where you need to increase your capacity to get still, be quiet, and really listen?

Look to increase your capacity to…

  • Be quiet and listen to your clients.
  • Be quiet and listen to your prospects.
  • Be quiet and listen to your team.
  • Be quiet and listen to your partners.
  • Be quiet and listen to your coach or mentor.
  • Be quiet and listen to your colleagues.
  • Be quiet and listen to yourself.

And most importantly… look to increase your capacity to…

Be quiet and listen to Source.

Scaling your business quickly and with ease… growing a team… implementing new systems… crafting better packages… choosing the right clients and collaborations… it all requires you plugging into Source to KNOW what your next step is for your vision and your business.

This knowing doesn’t come from the assumptions of an overactive mind.

It comes from getting quiet and listening. This is how you grow your business with ease and grace.

Listen to the wisdom, guidance, downloads, and inner nudges that are always available to you and then take action on this Spirit-led guidance. When you do… you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast you will grow!


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