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Where is the money?

By Amira Alvarez

If you're not making the money you want or you're struggling with cash flow right now, I get it. It can feel hugely hard.

It's so easy to get caught up in the fact that, right now, you don't have the money you desire or need.

Bills, financial obligations, kids going to college, what about retirement… all of that… plus, that vacation and that gorgeous pair of shoes that you want. Heck, maybe you just want to get your hair and nails done.

This can be, at times, more than just frustrating. It can be downright debilitating. Panic and fear take over. I understand.

But the truth is the money is here. Right now.

Your circumstances may not show it. You may not see it. But that doesn't mean it isn't here.

Expand your field of view… There are plenty of businesses making great money. There are plenty of people making great money. There is plenty of money in circulation.

In fact, there's more money in circulation now than ever before in history. It just keeps expanding.

If you're struggling with cash flow right now in your business, it's not because the money isn't here. It is. That's not the issue.

It's that you're not doing the right things to bring it to you.

Although there are thousands of different permeations of how to grow your business, there are some basic rules of business that apply to everyone. These rules are not complicated.

One rule is that you have to believe that it's possible. You have to believe that it's possible for you to have what you want. (This is true for money and for everything in life.)

You have to believe that even if your current circumstances indicate more financial obligations than income… even if you don't know “how” it's going to happen… you have to believe that it is going to happen… now, easily.

You also have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in your capacity, your abilities, and your right to have what you want.

Let's put this concept into context…

Let's say you want to purchase something for your life or business… a car, a first class ticket, dinner out, your next hire, new office space, business coaching, apps or software, etc.

It's something that for you represents a stretch and is a lot of money to you in your current circumstances.

Do you look at your current circumstances and say… “I can't afford it. This is not prudent. This would be foolish. I need to wait until I have the money.”

This is how most of us were brought up to think… and I have to admit, wrapping my head around what I'm about to tell you was really hard for me at first. And many of you are may get pissed off by it because it flies in the face of your belief structure.

All my training and upbringing lead me to budgets, avoiding large amounts of debt, only spending what I had, etc.

But here's the thing… as an entrepreneur…

When you choose to think this way, you are choosing NOT to believe in yourself.

When you think this way, what are you actually believing?

You are believing that if you spend the money you have, it will run out.

But moreover, and this is really important…

You are believing that you are not capable of creating that money or more money.

You are believing that you will let yourself down, that you don't have the commitment or the skills, that this kind of money is not for you but for other people, that you're not willing to do what it takes, that it will be too overwhelming or hard to earn that kind of money, that it won't work out… and more.

Because if you believed in yourself and your abilities, you wouldn't sweat using the money one iota.

If you chose NOT to purchase what you really desire, you are believing in your current circumstances and your current limitations.

That's what you'll get more of because you are making a decision that sets that outcome in motion.

Maybe there will be incremental steps forward, but this is not the way to quantum leap your income.

You need to believe in your ability to create and receive what you want, money or otherwise. This is a rule of business. (And of life.)

You could call this ground zero. Where you need to start.

Yet, belief alone is not enough. (Please read that twice.)

You also have to take action. You have to do the work, and when opportunities present themselves that you are being called to, you have to say yes to them quickly and take the next action. This is BELIEF IN ACTION.

This can be scary if the opportunity that you're being called toward requires money that you currently don't have or would be a big risk to your bottom line.

But this is a choice…

Do you choose to believe in your capability, your capacity, your dreams, and desires? Do you choose to believe in your commitment? Do you choose to believe that you will show up, take action, and do the work?

As an entrepreneur, you get to decide. You are in a unique position to create exactly what you want… but it takes choosing what you believe in.

What are you believing about money and yourself?


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