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What Does “Having It All” Even Mean?

By Amira Alvarez

What does “having it all” even mean?

It’s something that’s dangled in front of us so frequently through marketing that at times it’s lost all meaning. It’s empty… hollow… even annoying, isn’t it?

But I really want to know… what does “having it all” mean to YOU?

That’s why it can be hollow and empty when we hear it… because it’s impossible to paint a picture of what having it all even means without getting specific. And you can’t get specific if you’re not talking specifically to one person about their life, relationships, finances, work, and health.

So, let’s you and I have a conversation about it.

One of the reasons it’s so hard for us to define it, is because deep down, we don’t believe it’s possible… or we’re bumping up against some kind of belief that says, “be realistic” and “just be happy with what you have.” Or, “who do you think you are to go for so much more?!”

Worse yet, we believe there’s a limit to how much we can have… whether that’s breaking through our current income ceiling (especially if you’re already working a TON of hours in your business or if you’re in corporate and have a salary)… having GREAT sex and a relationship that feels truly fulfilling… feeling truly support by and in sync with Spirit and being regularly divinely guided… or having our BIG JUICY DESIRES come to life (and yes, I’m talking about the material things as well… like buying that vacation home, traveling the world, getting the new car, having the beautiful wardrobe, etc).

What if I told you that “having it all” was actually just having NO LIMITS?

Painting a clear picture of ALL that you want in ALL areas of your life is an important step in the process… the first step actually… but actually HAVING IT ALL is about DECIDING and ACTING in very specific ways.

It’s about inner game shifts and outer game steps.

What those are is specific to YOU and what YOU desire to create in your life.

But you have to be willing to CLAIM IT FULLY FIRST.

What does having it all mean to you?

Check out this heartfelt message I recorded for you about claiming your desires.

I can’t wait to hear :-)


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