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what do i do with my hair how to decode your visibility blocks

How I overcame my biggest visibility gremlin

By Amira Alvarez

One of my biggest bug-a-boos used to be doing video. Ugh! I just wanted to hide.

It seemed so complicated. (I see you Mr. Visibility Gremlin!)

But not just the technology side of things….

Also on the “me” side of things…

How do I show up? What do I say? How do I say it?

And especially… What do I wear? And MY HAIR… what do I do with my hair????

I think my hair, when it came right down to it, was my biggest gating factor in doing a video.

Now you might judge me for being vain. Go ahead. There's some truth in the vanity call.

I do want to see myself as put together and beautiful. And I want others to see me this way as well.

But I'm also a little bit wild. I've got a good deal of crazy-goof-ball-wild woman in me.

I'm certainly not “contained.” I'm exuberant. I'm passionate. I talk with my hands… even when I'm NOT excited.

And my hair represented this dichotomy.

I wanted to look professional and put-together because I am.

But I didn't want to become someone I'm not… I didn't want to be so polished that I hid the real me.

This internal conflict was completely beneath the surface until I dealt with the “hair question.”

I finally saw this and recognized that for me to show up and do video, to take this visibility step, I was going to have to let ALL OF MYSELF come out to play. When I did this, doing video became EASY.

Yup, it took a come to jesus moment with my hair. (Can you believe I'm admitting this?)

But for me my hair represented all these divergent parts of me that I was trying to compartmentalize instead of embrace.

Once I got that I could embrace all of me, I was home free.

Sure there's a lot more to getting out there with video… but for me THIS WAS HUGE.

This was about me living my message and being in integrity with it.

Do you see that?

If part of my message is that you have to bring YOU to your business and that when you do this it makes things so much easier, you can see how hiding a part of me would make things hard for me. It's totally out of alignment with my message and this equals hard.

Now you…

What exactly is stopping you from taking your next visible step in your business?

Does it represent, deep down underneath the surface, a conflict with YOUR message?



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