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The Biggest Sabotage, Do You Know It?

By Amira Alvarez

I want to share a story from The Posse Facebook group that was posted recently. Liberty is also a Business Acceleration Bootcamp member and private client of mine, so she’s deeply immersed in the business mindset work that I teach.

She wrote…

“Just before a 1-1 call with Amira today I had a computer meltdown. I was searching for an answer as to how to update something on my FB page. I went into the FB help site and pushed a link.

I knew as soon as I hit the link I was in trouble. A screen popped up warning of a virus, my computer froze and there was a slew of rapid downloads happening. UH-OH.

I did what I could on my end for damage control, and then quickly contacted a computer team I had met through networking previously. They advised me that I could drop off my computer today, and they would have it back to me in 3-4 business days.

I started to spin out in my mind. “How am I going to work my plan and plan my work without my computer!?! Everything I need is on my computer! How am I going to get on my call with Amira a few minutes via Zoom?” … and on and on I went.

Immediately catastrophizing the temporary loss of my computer.

What did I do? I did something I learned from Amira. I called bullshit on myself!

“That is not the truth!”

“You are resourced and resourceful.”

That was the truth and was quickly confirmed.

Solutions were quickly available for each “catastrophe” I had thus far predicted. With gratitude I can even say the solutions came with ease.

I trust that will continue.

I am finally starting to recognize the ways in which I will quickly grab an opportunity to stop myself. An opportunity that allows me to stay safe and play small.

It wasn't but a few weeks ago I would have argued and justified why the loss of my computer was truly a logical reason to step out of the game for just a moment.

But not this time. This time I am staying in the game.


Because I am raising my standards on all levels!”

The number one way we stop ourselves from moving forward is by spinning out and believing our own stories!! Stories about lack, limits, fears, and blocks. Stories that stop us.

Do actual, tangible, real world blocks happen? Yes, of course.

Computers break… money falls through… we get sick… life happens.

But how we respond to those blocks is a CHOICE, and Liberty modeled this in action perfectly.

Tell me what you’re feeling blocked and spun out about right now… it’s good to own it! Then tell me what you will CHOOSE to do differently to change the trajectory of your day.

You are powerful! Don’t forget that!

And be sure to join us over in The Posse if you’re not there already!


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