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Spending Money To Make Money, Is It Necessary?

By Amira Alvarez

I woke up this morning at 4 am raring to go! I know, I know… that is seriously early. I'm naturally an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal, yet even for me, this is exceptionally early.

Yet, I just couldn't contain myself. I am so freakin' excited by all the amazingness that I'm creating in my business and my life. Things are really popping!

I've got my Becoming More Retreat planned in May and I've added on an exclusive Photo Branding Day for women who want to step into more with their images. (I am super psyched about this! It's going to be amazing and I can hardly think of anything else.)

I am so jazzed by planning both of these events, AND by all the new that's exploding in my personal life…

Like, I finally hired a personal trainer!!

Like, I bought a new gorgeously sexy bed to mark some serious shifts happening in my personal life with the hubs. (I cannot wait for it to arrive!)

Like, I booked a luscious two-week trip to France for us.

All of these things, in my business and personal life, require MONEY. Yup. Straight up cash.

Stepping up into more in my personal and business life required that I put down some cash to make it happen.

Cash to book the hotel. Cash to hire the event coordinator. Cash for the freakin' fabulous photographer that's going to blow your socks off if you come.

Cash for the personal trainer. Cash for the sexy bed. Cash for the Air France tickets.

Now, I can hear some of you saying, “the best things in life are free.” And, of course, there's truth to that. Your feeling state doesn't cost you anything.

In fact, mastering your feeling state is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It's one of the keys to unlocking the material riches in this lifetime.

In theory, it doesn't cost you anything. Yet, I for one had to pay a lot of money to work with mentors to help me re-program my thinking, so I could consistently maintain a positive feeling state and not get triggered into doubt, worry, and fear.

Money touches just about every area of our lives… business, relationships, self-image, sense of security, etc.

When you want your life or business to be different and when you want more for yourself, you have to claim it. Part of the process of claiming it is putting the money down and spending money outside of your comfort zone.

We all have our money-spending set point or comfort zone. It's how much you're comfortable spending and in what areas. For me, for years, it was okay to spend money on books and home improvement items, but not on clothes and blow-outs.

The first time I had a blow-out (which was not too long ago!), I thought long and hard about that decision. Was it worth it? (But really, if you unpack that, the question was: Was I worth it?)

Spending that money was such a stretch for me. It was outside my comfort zone. But I wanted more for myself. I wanted to BE that woman who loved how she looked and who's hair was fabulous. It represented “having my s— together” and stepping up to the next level in my life and business. To step into Her, the woman inside of me that needed to be birthed to take my business to the next level, I had to spend that money.

Or let's take other examples… like spending money on team or technology, business travel or office renovations… to grow into more in your business, you need to stretch your comfort level with spending money.

See, if we hover within our money comfort zone, never straying too far from that set point… nothing changes. We play at the same level. We don't grow.

Spending the money says to your subconscious brain: “I'm for reals. I'm doing this. I'm going to the next level. I'm stepping up and I'm not going to back down or back out.” 

It's a decision. And when you put the money down, you've got skin in the game.

Now, does spending money on your business guarantee the results you want? Absolutely not. You still need to show up and do the work and you need to manage your mindset and get out of your own way.

What it does do though, especially if you've thrown down some big cash that moves you beyond your spending set point, is give you the motivation not to blow off the work.

Most people, when they move beyond their money set point, will not tolerate not doing the work to make a return on their investment of money. You might wobble for awhile. You might be challenged. But you'll go do the work, whether it's the internal work or the external work. You'll move through your fears and do the work.

Your money set-point is unique to you and where you're at in your business.

For some, a stretch might be purchasing a $500 program. For others, it's investing $250,000 into new office space.

It doesn't matter.

Figure out what your set point is and move beyond it. Stretch yourself with investments that scare you and require that you become more in your business. If you're the type of person who won't tolerate “losing” their investment, you'll show up and do the work and your business will grow.


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