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When You Realize You Need To Course Correct

By Amira Alvarez

I'm entitling this… “what to do when you realize you need to course correct?”

I'm just back from a quick trip to Flor-eee-da! It was gorgeous–warm breezes, lots of beach time, and hanging out with my hub's family. Floating in the salt water of the gulf was delightful and oh so good for my soul. I highly recommend this.

And now I'm back home… and I've realized some things. Distance from your business does this, which is another great reason to build in times you step away. This is the power of changing perspective in action.

What did I realize?

That I'm off course in a few ways. Not hugely, not so far that I can't course correct. (Actually, I believe you can always course correct.) But enough that I needed to have a big come to Jesus meeting with myself and figure a few things out.

First, I needed to figure out what was off. I knew something was off because I didn't feel good. This is a huge sign, but one that we often ignore and blow off. (Hint: don't ignore this!)

I always look to my state of being, my energy first. What's my state? If I'm not fully plugged into my confident enthusiasm for what I'm doing, I know something is off. If I'm wobbling between confidence and doubt, that is also a concern. If you've gone off into anxiety and worry, stop everything NOW and pay attention.

Next, I dig into and ask myself what's causing me to feel this way? What am I thinking about my circumstances that's throwing me out of heaven? What am I uncertain about?

What keeps circling in my head as something I need to attend to? (For me I need to write all of this down, because my mind has a way of distracting me and changing the subject. Then I'm just left with my original state. Nothing changes.)

Your answers, if you're not attentive to the process, can make you feel more overwhelmed. You can start thinking that there's just so much that needs to be fixed and done differently… and panic. This is not helpful. I'd advise against this.

Instead, put together a very simple course correction plan. This looks like 3-5 things you can do differently.

Pick one thing. Do that. Don't sweat which one – avoid analysis paralysis.

We can only do one thing at a time. You'll feel better simply being in action. Pick your one thing and do it. And while you're doing it? Don't think of the trillion other things that need to be done. Just focus on your one thing. Feel the energy of completion. Move onto the next step.

One of the things on my course correction plan is always…

Who can I turn to for help?

For me, even though I'm a coach and mentor others, I always have a mentor to turn to. ALWAYS. So the first thing I do is turn to that person. This isn't a substitute for doing my own work or taking the action I need to take. It's guidance, a double-check on my mindset and plan, and a plugging into the knowledge that I'm supported and not alone. All three of these are so important.

Access that support.




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