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What do you need right now in your life?

By Amira Alvarez

Growth can be exciting, but sometimes it's also really stressful. So how do you deal with the stress when it arises? That was a recent question in one of our Facebook groups:

“I've been going through so much growth and upleveling that I'm even though I'm excited, I'm also stressed and exhausted. How do I deal with all of this?”

It's actually quite simple… LOVE WHO YOU ARE, as you are now. Warts and all.

First off, have zero judgment. Zero shame. You're just tired. You've pushed past your limits and you're tired. All is good. No shame in that. It happens to all of us.

Acceptance is key.

Accept yourself, just as you are.
Love yourself, just as you are.

And most importantly, recalibrate.

Get sleep. Get rest. We all need it, and it's non-negotiable. On an average, try to get 8 – 9 hours a night. If I slip below this one day, I'm good. But more than that and I start getting irritated, short, frayed, angry, etc.  

Which are all repelling states to growing our business. They make us hugely unproductive and drop our energy into states that aren't conducive to createing what we want.

Create space and time, and ask yourself: What is it that I need right now?  

A nap? A bath? A good movie? Yoga? Staring at the ceiling? Time alone?

You have to get in the habit and routine of giving yourself what you need, because each time you up level SIGNIFICANTLY you will need to recalibrate. Again and again. It's an essential and unavoidable part of growth and making your quantum leap.

The sooner you recognize this need and make space for it, the better.

Remember… nothing's broken. All is good. ;-)


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