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Denial will get you nowhere

By Amira Alvarez

What happens when you deny your desire?

You cut yourself off from your purpose and your destiny. Plain and simple.

Sometimes denial looks like not acknowledging what you truly want, not owning it or even seeing it.

At other times, once you've felt the pull of what you want, denial looks like making excuses (yes, I said excuses) like…

  • I don't have money for that.
  • I need to use my money for something else.
  • I don't have time for that.
  • This isn't the right time.
  • I can't do this.
  • This is for someone else. This won't work for me.
  • I need something else. [Squirrel!]

If you want it, you want it. (Stop making excuses.)

You will know a desire because you are drawn forcefully toward it. There's a strong urge. A pull.

You will know denial because it will make you feel tight inside. This tightness is the cutting off of yourself from your desire and ultimately from your destiny.

The tricky thing is that…

Your subconscious mind will attempt to keep you from going after your desires because this always means some sort of CHANGE… usually a BIG change.

To your subconscious, change is a big no-no.

Change = risk. Risk = danger. Danger = potential for hurt, pain, death.

It tries to get you to avoid change at all costs, even at the expense of you living out your full potential.

It throws up all the “rational” excuses to keep you safe and same.

Trust me. I know. I've made each and every one of the excuses above. But they've never moved me forward. Nope. Never once.

Each time I've moved forward and made big gains in my life and my business… it's been by making a decision in favor of what I want.

I choose it quickly (before I can make excuses that justify staying where I am) and take a leap of faith knowing that if I desire something, my will will be behind it and I'll make it happen.

What do you desire for your business? Your life? What will you choose today?

Claim your outcome.






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