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How I Filled My First Live Event

By Amira Alvarez

When I decided to host my first live, in-person event… I had no experience with live events, all I knew was that I wanted to do one. My DESIRE to create a space for amazing women to come together and experience massive shifts in their mindset so they could create quantum leaps in their business was strong.

In order to host an event, you have to have a location. In order to have a location, you have to put down a fairly substantial deposit for a room especially if you’re holding it at a resort, which I was.

Finding the right location, hiring an event coordinator, booking the space and a photographer to capture the experience… all of that was a HUGE chunk of change. I was having to invest in a way I hadn’t before… AND I had NO WAY of knowing for certain that I would fill the room, whether the women would come, whether it was all going to work out.

All the doubts came up… Could I do it? What if I wasn’t up to the task? Was I “good enough” to pull this off?

Translation: I didn’t want to fail.

I didn’t want to have this investment be a huge mistake… and not just a mistake in the sense that it didn’t go well… but a huge mistake in the sense that NO ONE WOULD COME. That I would be out all this money for nothing.

I had the desire… but I needed to FOCUS.

I needed to take FOCUSED action and not mess around.

I knew I had a certain number of weeks until the event… so I made phone calls and sent emails. Then I made follow-up calls and sent follow-up emails. I had conversation after conversation. I wrote a sales page and had it professionally designed, because while I loved the process of designing pages myself, doing so would have distracted from the areas I knew I needed to focus on. I emailed my list, I ran Facebook ads. I did everything I knew I needed to do and course corrected as I needed to along the way.

Beyond the actions I took, I kept my focus on the inner work as well. I stayed committed to “this is happening,” never energizing the fears or allowing them to derail me.

And I did all this while still honoring myself, my time, my biological and emotional needs. I didn’t let it consume me the way things had in the past when I was addicted to struggle.

And you know what happened?
I filled that room.

Not only did I fill the room, I made over $100k in two days and even more in the days that followed. And that was my first event.

THAT is the power of focus.

Those are the types of results you can get when you COMMIT fully to what you DESIRE to CREATE and get out of your own way. You follow through on your commitment to self by doing the things you know you need to do and not falling victim to “shiny object syndrome.”


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