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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

By Amira Alvarez

I make it a point to be wholly me in everything I write. No guise. No pretending to be perfect. No fakey-fake stuff.

I will admit to figuring out the makeup thing and hiring a professional photographer. That's just plain smart though.

However, even with that level of transparency, there are still a lot of things you don't know about me.

Here's 10 of them…

1.  I want to be Italian.

Why? They're sexy and seem a rare breed of passion + authenticity.

They're fiercely loyal and have straightforward, yet amazing food. And the fashion? The fashion is amazing also.

Plus they drive Vespas. I want a Vespa.

The language is beautiful and, if all that wasn't enough, they create instant art by talking with their hands.


2.  I'd like to be a fashion designer.

I am no fashionista myself. Hardly. Most days I'm in leggings and a T-shirt. But I so love it that I think, in another life, I'd like to be a fashion designer.

Updated to say:
I've discovered my inner fashionista and she's come out to play! I no longer spend my work days in leggings and a T-shirt. I love wearing beautiful clothes, even on days when it's just me and no one sees me.

I love the beauty, the lines, the sexiness of it. The ability to create a three-dimensional wearable piece of art. It's truly astounding. Which leads to…


3.  I love Project Runway.

Tim Gunn is beyond mensch. Heidi Klum is not only the perfect canvas for wearable art, she strikes just the right pose between catty model and über compassion. Nina Garcia perfectly represents one version of the smart + beautiful professional woman. I love her despite what the detractors say. Michael Kors is hysterical beyond belief. PLUS, all the amazing designers putting their hearts and souls out there for all of us to witness. It's all so beautiful. I'm also love The Voice–all that talent, passion, and delight!


4.  I'm terrible at remembering names.

I can't remember names of actors, directors, the people in the news, the famous or the infamous, people I just met…it's all a foggy mess. Perhaps it would be better if this were different. I could, of course, put more effort into it.


5.  I bought my first house by myself.

It was a thrill…and a bit unnerving…especially when the heat went out and the roof started leaking that first year. However, the repairs worked and I got to design my own kitchen, so it all worked out in the end. But looking back on those first few years, they felt amazing and infused with a special kind of power from doing it on my own.

6.  I don't speak Spanish.

I speak French. Even though my last name is Alvarez and my father's first language was Spanish. Growing up in our household he spoke English. It was just easier I suppose. This meant that I didn't learn it as a child. Then, when given a choice in school as to what language to learn, I choose French. Was this an act of rebellion? Or had I just fallen in love with all things French from trips with my parents? Je ne sais pas. I'm still conflicted.


7. I don't follow the news.

This may shock you. I realize that. I decided a few years ago that I didn't like going on the emotional roller coaster that I felt every time I heard the news on the TV or the radio, or even the sensational way news stories are often written.

Don't mistake this for not caring. I care very deeply about people and what happens to them. I'll read non-dramatic human interest stories and the occasional in-depth, non-sensational article.


8. I love “baska-naps”.

I love watching sports with friends and falling asleep on the couch.

This is one of my favorite things.

There is something so soothing about being with the pack, knowing all is good, and listening to the game going in the background. It puts me right to sleep. I love that.

This first started happening watching basketball, so I started calling it the “baska-nap”. But I'm an equal opportunity napper…basketball, football, golf, tennis, soccer…you name it, I'll nap it.


9. I believe in delivering your best.

Delivery is so important. Delivery is how you do what you do.

Is it beautiful? Is it easy for your customers? Does it work efficiently? Does it deliver on its promise? Does it represent you and your ideals as perfectly as you can? At least for today?

Customer service, design, efficiency, authenticity, truth-in-advertising, being you, being real…delivering the best you can. It's where it's at.


10. I haven't always been happy.

That's kind of obvious. I mean, who really has always been happy?

What I mean by saying this is that I now live a really amazing life. Not perfect by any means, but really freakin' amazing. It's lit up and delightful.

I used to be anxious, angry, resentful, frustrated, guilt-ridden and overwhelmed a lot of the time.

I might have looked happy on the outside… I might have even been happy quite a bit of the time… but there was a lot of not so happy going. At some point, I committed to being happy.

I don't remember the actual moment, but from that point on I choose consciously to learn, explore, and discover how to make things better for myself.

This research and experimentation have been a huge part of my life. And it's paid off. Hugely.

This has been key to rocking my business.

If it's time to take it to the next level, live a truly delightful life, maximize your money making abilities, and become unstoppable in all areas of your life, schedule a consult with me.


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