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You Have To EXPECT It To Happen

By Amira Alvarez

So many of the women I have calls with have the same issue… they consciously WANT to create something different in their lives and businesses… such as making more money, growing their team, getting better at sales, being able to take time off, actualizing their purpose, etc… yet they never actually make anything happen because of that deeper subconscious programming.

There’s a lot to this, right? Fears, limiting beliefs, stories. But there’s a specific way these things can show up that we don’t often consider… our expectation of what will happen.

We want to make more money… but we expect that we’ll continue on the path of ebb and flow, limited sales, or unanticipated expenses.

We want to grow our team… but we keep having to do all the work ourselves because we expect that our team will let us down, they’ll do it wrong, or it won’t be high enough quality.

We want to get better at sales… but we expect that most people will say no, assume they can’t afford us, or that it’s just not going to go well because it hasn’t up until now.

We want to have more time… but we expect to always have to work, to be busy, or that we’re going to have to feel overwhelmed in order to keep making money.

We want to live out our purpose and be the person we know ourselves to be… but we expect it to be better suited for some other time, far into the future, or be impossible to achieve given our current circumstances.

This creates confusion because the Universe doesn’t know what to deliver… and leads us to experiencing inconsistent results. We WANT these things, yet they never quite materialize. Maybe they do some of the time, but not all of the time. Maybe they do, but they’re really not aligned with what we said we wanted… hmmm… that’s not quite right.

If you’re saying you want one thing, yet you’re EXPECTING another thing this sends a confused message. It’s actually a split desire and it doesn’t work effectively.

If you’re not EXPECTING it to happen… you’re actually desiring an opposite outcome.

You’re sending mixed signals!

When we get ordered in our vision and our thinking (ie, our wants and expectations of what will happen), we’re giving marching orders to the Universe. Direct, ordered commands through our thinking.

You want and EXPECT to make more money… you want and EXPECT to grow your team with amazing people… you want and EXPECT to have more sales… you want and EXPECT to have more time… you want and EXPECT to live out your purpose… so you take more actions that are aligned with this outcome. You become clear and ordered, both consciously and subconsciously.

This is one of the key principles behind the Laws of the Universe: order.

When you are not clear or ordered in what you want and expect… you won’t get what you want consistently. When you are clear and ordered in your desire and your thinking… that’s what gets transmuted and that’s what you’ll receive.

So if you’re not seeing the results you desire, where are you not expecting them? Really, fully, deeply? Where are you still holding onto fears and beliefs that keep you from KNOWING that you will get the money, team, sales, time, or growth into your life and purpose that you desire?

You have to look at this piece and get really honest with yourself in order to start seeing results.


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