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When it’s not done right or fast enough

By Amira Alvarez

Sometimes being the CEO of your business is not all rosey. Sometimes the day starts with frustration or impatience, or even jealousy and envy of what others are having and doing.

I’m here to tell you that that’s okay. It really is… to an extent.

Why is it okay?

Because these feelings show you exactly where you need to grow and what needs to change. They are a powerful indicator of what you actually want.

Let’s take an example….

Let’s say you’re frustrated by something that someone on your team has done. Or maybe you’re impatient that the work is not getting done as quickly as you’d like. You’re feeling frustrated and impatient.

Where do you go next? Most people go into a story of blame and disappointment, get further riled up, even rageful and then lash out. Or take a “poor me” position and retreat to lick their wounds.

If you’re in some version of this whirling caldron of angst, I encourage you to step out of it. ;-)  

Don’t make this any bigger than it needs to be by spinning out about it.

The WAY OUT is to simply recognize that these feelings are a powerful indicator that you want something different, something MORE.

Your next step is to ask yourself three questions:

  • What are your feelings indicating that you want?
    • Your answer to this question must be stated in the positive.
    • Don’t just say… “I don’t want it to take so blankety-blank long!”
    • Instead, state it clearly in the positive..
    • I want the work to be completed by Tuesday at 4pm.
  • If you want that, what would you need to do, be, or have in place?
  • What action will you take to create that for yourself?
    • If you simply need to take a different action, go do that.
    • If you need to come from a different place of ‘being’ in the world, how would you need to
    • show up differently? Go take action from that place.
    • If you need to have something in place to make this happen (like a system!), go create that.

Take your next step now.

This 3 question process is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s required to step into a radical new way of running your business… one that comes from the stance of being a POWERFUL CREATOR… not a victim of circumstance.

What does being a powerful creator mean? It means…

Working on the creative plane rather than the competitive plane…

Taking 100% personal responsibility for your results and BEING the agent of change and creation in your business… and…


And it is, without a doubt, the path to making a financial quantum leap in your business.


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