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What Focus IS And Is NOT…

By Amira Alvarez

Do ever feel like you have to harden, disconnect, or get rigid and tense in order to “make sh*t happen”?

Is this what focus means to you? Is it like cutting off a part of you that wants to play? That’s sensual, open, and expansive?

Now focus is essential. No way around that if you want to achieve your big goals and dreams.

However, there’s a way to integrate a state of open-hearted delight and enjoyment while you do your work.

Focus is simply staying on task without distraction.

  • You can do this while you enjoy yourself.
  • You can do this while you have a full sense of your body and the environment around you.
  • You can do this ease.

Being able to focus is a skill you need to move the needle in your business… but that doesn't mean you have to harden or become rigid.

I focus like crazy, yet I'm almost always in joy and delight.

I use my will to make things happen, but I stay soft and as aligned with ease as possible.

I show up as a powerhouse in my work, while I stay connected to the truth of who I am.

I command an amazing team, but I regularly do so from a place of fun and play.

I’m focused, yes. I'm using my will, yes.

But I’m not hardened, rigid, or tense.  It’s not only about a ‘put your head down and just grind it out’.

It’s about behind directed, focused, and goal oriented, without losing the feminine. The fluid, creative, soft energy that makes us who we are as women.

The next time you find yourself avoiding focus because it feels too tense and hard for you, flip the script.

CHOOSE a different thought pattern around what it means to focus. Ask yourself what would make it more playful, easy, and filled with delight? How can you soften and still focus?

Focus is a must to move the needle, but it doesn’t have to be hardened, rigid, or tense. ;-)



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