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This One Sentence Changed My Life

By Amira Alvarez

Hi… Amira here,

One of the most impactful things I ever heard on my journey to creating financial freedom and an on purpose, highly intentional life was… If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

This one sentence changed my life.

Stop and think about it for a moment. There are no two ways about it. You’re either growing or your dying.

The tricky thing is that dying comes in so many flavors that you’re conditioned to agree with. The most insidious versions are the messages you tell yourself… I don’t have time, I’m all good now, I just want to do xyz for now…

Or… your automatic emotional reactions that say this is the time to be… righteous, frustrated, or disappointed.

Having growth as a value, and living and breathing it on a daily basis, will quantum leap your business and your life… it will make you UNSTOPPABLE…  but you have to take the blinders off and hold yourself to a higher and higher standards of growth.

In order to stay conscious and hold myself to a higher standard, I use a particular question every day… I talk about it in this Facebook live video I made for you on growth:

There are so many versions of stopping. Some are super sneaky and almost barely recognizable because they've become acceptable to you.

I've used this question with my weight, my running, my relationships, my business… ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME with my business… as well as with my mindset.

And the result?

I’ve become UNSTOPPABLE in my life and business. I’ve created more in a few years than most people do in an entire lifetime.

I'm not at all perfect. Perfection is NOT my goal—though my ego might still think so. ;-)

I'm still a beautiful work in progress… and I’m continually going for more every day… because I’m committed to my freedom and to being unstoppable.

Are you?


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