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THIS Is How You Find Your Purpose (Start Here).

By Amira Alvarez

A definite purpose. This is one of the things that in the past hung me up. I couldn't wrap my head around it. ‘Purpose' felt so big. Did I even have one???

I was so caught up in just getting by, figuring out the next thing, checking the next ‘to do' off the list… that I had no idea, much less time to think about purpose.

When someone would bring up purpose, when they'd ask “what is your ‘why'?” I would think…

Purpose??? Don't talk to me about purpose. That's so high highfalutin. I don't have a purpose. Blah, blah, blah. Fingers in my ears.

Yet, it was there all along. (It is for everyone too.) Mine was buried deep under my need to be safe, which looked like being the good girl, reliable, liked, upstanding, all of that.

Watch this short video I made on definite purpose…


What shifted things for me was taking the whole purpose thing on faith. I stopped arguing with the concept. Isn't that a clever strategy? I stopped arguing and started experimenting with it. ;-)

Then I learned that desire always leads the way. I took this on faith too, while I tested it out. (Always the scientist.) I found that my true desires, even if they were small and seemingly insignificant, always took me in the right direction.

So then my next step was to claim a bigger desire. If I couldn't see my big purpose, why I was here, I could at least claim my first level desire. What was the big a– goal that I wanted to achieve right now?

That’s what became my definite purpose.

It may not have been my big why in life, but it was clear. It was definite. I wasn't changing it all the time. (That's an important point.)

And you know what happened?

I made a quantum leap in my life and business. Everything changed for the better.

Every time I go to the next level, I'm challenged with this concept. What is my definite purpose now? How big do I go? Where should my focus be? Short term or long term?

The same pattern of confusion comes in… it all feels so grandiose…

But I'm here to change the world. And so are you.

So claim it my friends. <3

Claim that first level desire, that first level goal at least. Start there and make it your definite purpose… and hit reply to share with me what it is.

Make it real and let me hold you accountable.


PS – It’s okay to struggle with answering this, it happens to many of the women I work with. It might be fear of claiming it, or of making it real and failing. Or maybe you’ve convinced yourself that your first level desire isn’t even possible. Let’s jump on the phone and identify it together, as well as what your next step is to move you forward and out of that fear or resistance. Click here to book a quick chat. :-)


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