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This Is An Epidemic I’m Committed To Stopping!

By Amira Alvarez

Smallness is an epidemic among so many women.

Beautiful, brilliant, powerhouse women who aren’t showing up fully or living out their full potential in this life… and who aren’t doing their work at the scale they want to be.

Smallness stems from many things…

  • Fear and insecurity about failing, or even about being successful.
  • Being overwhelmed, burning out, and grinding because you don’t think it can be easy.
  • The belief that you can’t invest in yourself in the ways you need or desire. (Huge self-worth stuff here.)
  • Convincing yourself that things are ‘good’ and that’s enough (rather than going for great).
  • Feeling ungrateful for wanting more, like you ‘should just be happy with what you have’.

When you’re stuck in the smallness, you’re never truly free.

You’re always tethered by your finances, your dependence on someone or something else, your fear of going bigger, and your belief that you can’t (or shouldn’t) have more.

The antithesis of smallness is being unstoppable.

It’s living a truly uncompromised life where you have, do, and become all the things you desire.

Where you don’t apologize for what you want, who you are, or how you show up.

More importantly, you show up. You use your voice. Do your work. Have your impact.

You claim your worth and your bank account reflects that.

You’re deeply supported because you demand nothing less from your personal and professional relationships, from your team, and, you hire experts to help you move forward in your life, business, health, and around your goals.

You move through your subconscious programming… your fears, blocks, beliefs, and the stories you tell yourself that keep you small… more quickly, and with a lot more ease. You ‘run the stairs’ as I like to call it… leveling up again and again… simply because you WANT to.

How is smallness showing up for you right now?

Remember, with our subconscious programming it can show up in a lot of different ways. It can be as obvious as, “I hold myself back from greater visibility because of fear.” Or it’s more subtle and reasonable… such as, “I’m always confused and overwhelmed, chaos constantly keeps me from taking the move-the-needle actions in my business.”

Ending smallness is a big part of The Unstoppable Woman movement I’m working to create… because the world needs more brilliant, powerhouse women FULLY showing up.

That includes YOU.

How will you choose to be more unstoppable today?

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