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Thinking traps that cause struggle

By Amira Alvarez

Let's start with the premise that love, joy, peace, happiness, wholeness is our natural state.

What gets in the way? Why do we not experience this more of the time or all of the time… especially in running our business?

Our own thoughts. The dualistic mind. The ego voice.

Any time you're not in a state of joy, you are thinking a thought that separates you from your true Self, brings you down, adds to the misery.

I realize that's a high bar, yet it's the truth. This is one of those things that is black and white, where there is no compromise.

Yet, given how much of the time we spend in “not joy,” it's obvious that we spend a lot of time thinking in ways that bring us down, that “throw us out of heaven.”

Yet, for years, we have kept thinking these subtle and not so subtle thoughts that attack us.

“Do more.”

“Not good enough.”

“That wasn't good.”

We give these thoughts license to speak to us under the premise of helping us be better, get it right, and feel good… yet all they do is bring us down.

They are not helping, yet they have fooled us into thinking that they are.

Instead, recognize them for what they are… traps. Traps that cause struggle in your business.

Instead, notice how you're feeling and use that as a guide as to whether the thought is freeing or a trap.

Feeling joy? Keep that thought.

Feeling “non joy”? Release that thought.

Choosing is your birthright. Use it.



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