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There’s No Such Thing As LUCK

By Amira Alvarez

Held in beautiful Vermont, my Spirit of Wealth Mastermind group met for our final retreat of the year. The fall colors were beginning to pop, and our location couldn’t have been more perfect for the work we were doing together!

All these women, whether entrepreneurs or working in corporate… whether introverted or extroverted… whether going for their 6 or 7-figure goal, or a life goal… have one thing in common… they’re going after what they want and they’re committed to it!

They are willing to do both the inner and outer game work and they’re learning that it’s not a random universe that we live in… success is not a roll of the dice. Nobody is just “lucky.”

In fact, telling yourself that is a way to let yourself off the hook from stepping up in your life. You do actually have to put specific causes into effect. This is part of the Manifestation Process.

I want to share a story about one of the women in the group…

This particular woman deeply desired an apartment on the upper east side of New York. She knew EXACTLY what she wanted… right down to how many bedrooms and bathrooms, what it looked like, even the street she and her family would live on.

But she had a lot of doubt.

  • “I can’t afford it.”
  • “Having that apartment is impossible.”
  • “Who do I think I am to go after a place like that?”

So I asked her the all important question… do you or do you not want it?

While the first step is KNOWING what you want, the all-important, often overlooked second step is to DECIDE that it’s happening.

You have to claim your desire and decide emphatically, “Yes, this is happening!”And when you DECIDE, what comes next? ACTION.

I told her to go look at apartments… not just online, but also IN-PERSON. And to take it a step further, putting the wheels in motion, call the broker! Start the conversations that need to happen and actually start shopping for that apartment of your dreams.

And you know what happened?

She manifested the apartment of her dreams, right down to the street, and she’s going to be moving in with her family very, very soon!And this happened in a matter of months, after years of dreaming!

But do you know what she thought? She thought it was a fluke. That she just got “lucky.”

That’s a pretty common reaction when the process works for something BIG the first time. But this process of calling in EXACTLY what you desire is REPEATABLE. It works by the Laws of the Universe.

So, the first time you think it’s a fluke…

The second time you think, maybe it’s not a fluke…

And by the third, fourth, fifth time and beyond, you KNOW that you’re UNSTOPPABLE because you understand the manifestation process and how to work it properly every time.

But you have to DESIRE, DECIDE and ACT.

You see, becoming truly unstoppable isn’t only about making money… it’s also about how you step into more in ALL areas of your life.

What do you want, NAME?

What does being truly UNSTOPPABLE in your life and work mean to you?

Have you DECIDED?

 Learn this manifestation process! Don’t worry about the how. How you’ll make it work, how you’ll get there, how it will lead you to having what you desire in ALL areas of your life… that’s bypassing the all-important, often overlooked step of DECISION.

You have to DECIDE, and take that first ACTION on that decision…then all the next steps appear.

I promise that if you that the manifestation process works 100% of the time… if you work it properly.

Take this first step.


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