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The Truth About Who You Are

By Amira Alvarez

Today, I want to talk about the truth of who you are.

The truth is… you’re AMAZING. Truly. You are wired to SUCCEED.

We all have spiritual DNA we’re born with, and we either block it out of fear, practicality, or based on internal and external expectations…our conditioning… or we do what we need to do to let it grow.

This spiritual DNA is the seed of our purpose. Now, there are many mixed feelings about the idea of “purpose.”

It’s something we want… but we don’t always understand what it means. We want to know what our work is here on this earth… we want to have meaning and impact in the ways that only we can… but we don’t always know where to start or how to uncover it…

  • So we say we don’t know what our purpose is.
  • So we get frustrated that we haven’t discovered it.
  • So we hem and haw and look the other way.

But the thing is, our purpose is always there and it wants to grow.

The key is to take ACTION… to lean into your “more life” directive, this directive to grow.

How do you do that? You answer and act on the following…

  • What wants to come alive in you and your work?
  • What’s motivating you to move forward in this moment?
  • What’s calling you towards it, even if it doesn’t make sense or seem practical?

Sometimes that’s as simple as… “I want to make money.”

That’s what it was for me… I was guided into the work I do now by honoring the part of me that never wanted to worry about money again. It was by following that Spirit-led nudge (really a big ass kick in the pants) that I discovered the work I was put here to do. But it wasn’t instantaneous.

I had to start where I was and take my first steps from there. I had no idea where exactly this would lead me, but I kept taking the steps.

If you're blocked… if you're not moving forward… if you're struggling in some way and not taking the steps… you're holding onto a pattern of thought, behavior, and a way of being that’s no longer serving you.

You have to start unpacking those beliefs… peeling back the layers, one by one, to reveal what’s beneath it all.

Then lean in. Trust the truth of who you are… amazing, wired for success, brilliant, and talented in exactly the ways that YOU are… and start taking action from there in the direction of MORE LIFE.

It’s through action that we expand and grow… and it’s through this growth that we uncover our purpose. It gets revealed to us.

I have two questions today:

  • Are you willing to keep releasing what no longer works?

The fears… the stories… the beliefs… the patterns of playing small…

  • What are the lies you're telling yourself about yourself?

About your worth… your abilities… what’s ‘realistic’ or possible…

Take some time with these questions and start embracing your truth today.



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