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The Spiritual Nature Of Focus

By Amira Alvarez

When we think of ‘focus’… most people think of it as our ability to get the task at hand done without “going squirrel” on ourselves, without losing our focus and jumping to the next thing or shiny object.

We think that it’s about having a structured plan or some sort of time management system and that only if we had that system we could fix our deficiencies and be able to focus.

But you know what?

That’s only half the story.  

Don’t get me wrong… you do need structure… BUT, if you look only to a time management system to solve your focus problem, you miss the real key that unlocks your ability to focus.

The solution lies in truly owning WHAT YOU WANT.

When you’re fully rooted in what you want… and you’re committed to it then not only does  your next step become clear, you can focus on it without all the noise in your head pulling you in a thousand different directions.

Now why is this?

It’s because the Law of Vibration states that what you want is seeking you.

What you want is seeking you and it’s doing so through clear messages that Spirit / Source / The Universe / Infinite Intelligence is giving you. You will get clear messages on what to do next and exactly what to focus on, when you claim what you want. There will be no noise.

But most people don’t know how to claim what they truly, really want.

They have all sorts of stories running unconsciously that stop them.

  • “I have enough already.”
  • “I just need to be grateful for what I have.”
  • “I have so much compared to others, how can I ask for more?”
  • “I don’t want to be greedy.”
  • “What will they think if I ____ ?”

And so many more…

You’ve got to break free of the stories, to make your quantum leap.


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