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The Power of Choice

By Amira Alvarez

Choice. It's the greatest power we have as humans.

You have it. I have it. We all have it.

But often we forget that we have choice because we're running on autopilot.

We forget that every reaction can be a choice.

Case in point…

Recently on a training call, my audio didn't work. WTF, right? I've used this service before. Why did this problem just arise? Hmmmm…

But instead of going down that rabbit hole and freaking out, I quickly walked downstairs and got my phone and headset, went back to my office, dialed in as a guest, and started the call.

  • No panic.
  • No freakout.
  • Just a huge amount of gratitude to my assistant for holding down the fort while it was happening.

This was a choice.

Because freaking out doesn't serve me or you in times like this. That would take me out of my power and distract me from providing a great teaching. And that is ultimately not of service to anyone.

And being bitter or disappointed about it afterward?
Also a choice and an absolute waste of my energy.

So I CHOOSE to laugh instead and roll with it, which I consider a much better plan. Keeps one's energy positive and the momentum going. (This isn't to say I haven't thought about what we could do differently next time.)

It also allows me to refocus and get back to the business of running my company quicker. Closing this gap is critical.

If you're spinning out, you're losing valuable time and wasting your valuable mental resources and this dramatically slows down your business growth.

Use your power of choice to decide at every moment how to react and make sure it serves you and your business.

You have the power to choose.
Start using it consciously and consistently.


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