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The Difference Between Delusion And Faith

By Amira Alvarez

Someone asked a great question during my live Masterclass training last Tuesday.

While talking about the all-important Manifestation Process, she asked:

What’s the difference between delusion and faith?

When it comes to the manifestation process, one of the biggest ways we stop ourselves from calling in what we truly desire is by operating with a “double bind.”

A double bind happens when we do things like:

Say we want to make a certain amount of money… but don’t believe we can, expect to be rejected by prospects, or operate from a place of scarcity.

Say we want to find Mr or Ms Right… but we keep dating below our standards because we’re afraid of being alone, we’re willing to settle because we don’t think we’ll find them.

Say we’re going to get in shape… but instead listen to the noise that says ‘you’ve never been able to before, you’re not going to now’, and sabotage before we even begin.

You have to CLAIM your desire… DECIDE that it’s happening… and ACT in EXPECTATION of the fulfillment of that desire. And these are just half of the steps in the full process!!

That’s one of the differences between delusion and faith. I go into other important differences in this video:

If you’re asking yourself if you’re being delusional about what you want, then you need to dive deeper into the work and keep showing up and taking the steps in the Manifestation Process.

This process works 100% of the time, when you work it properly.

If you haven’t called in what you desire, don’t ask yourself if you’re delusional, ask yourself where you need to work the steps of manifestation process.


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