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The Big Wobble: WHY you’re experiencing it and what to do about it

By Amira Alvarez

When you’re growing your business, there’s going to be times of uncertainty. Is it going to work???

Let’s say you raise your prices, go to speak on bigger stages, hire more team, or take whatever YOUR BIG STEPS are that raise you into a whole new level of serving…

You don’t know if it’s going to work. There is uncertainty… and this, my friend, leads to THE WOBBLE.

That’s the feeling of not knowing and the discomfort around it.

This is because it’s new and uncertain terrain.

You’re growing, which means you’ve likely never been in this place before.

  • Of course there’s tension.
  • Of course you feel uncertain.
  • Of course it brings up doubts.
  • Of course you feel fear.

Yet, in this tension is a point of choice.

We can choose to play a safer and smaller game, taking smaller steps and doing the things that are familiar. OR, we can continue taking BIG growth steps that move the needle forward and make a quantum leap in our business.

In order to make a true quantum leap, we have to understand that tension is a normal part of the growth process. It will always be there. It’s, by definition, what it feels like to grow—what our cells feel like when they’re changing and our brain evolving as we form new neural pathways.

The more comfortable we get holding that expansion without imploding, the easier it becomes.

Watch the short video I recorded for you on “the wobble” and the tension that comes with growth below:

Do you know how to grow through the tension? Do you know what the gap is between where you are now and where you want to be?

I ask because most people don’t.

Most people have a sense that they need to do something or that something is missing or misaligned… because it feels like they are struggling too much… and chances are you are struggling too much if you’re feeling that way. Makes sense, right?

Yet, there’s no need to feel the struggle.

There may be tension in the growth, but there doesn’t need to be a struggle.

You can choose to continue spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated by your lack of growth and ease, or you can choose to finally get out of the struggle and master The Art of Leverage.

You know which option I’d choose. ;-)


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