The Art of Leverage

An Immersive Mindset Mastery Retreat

March 15th -17th

At The Westin la Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ

Quantum Leap Your Business with
Better Packages, Systems and Team

You’re ready to quantum leap your business and move to a whole new level of income, operations, and livingbut something’s missing or in the way.

You hear the mantra, “work smarter, not harder!” yet you can’t seem to get past the working harder part. You’re overwhelmed, hustling around the clock, and continually struggling to meet your goals. (How do you even get to the “smarter” part?!)

You know you’re leaving money on the table in your business, but you have no idea where. And even if you did, you’re not sure you could handle it.

You know that you need better systems, processes, and supportbut you don’t know what that means specifically for YOUR business, where YOU’RE at right now, and where YOU want to go… let alone where to even begin.

This is where The Art of
Leverage comes into play.

You might be wondering, “what is leverage
exactly and how does it apply to me?”

Leverage is about taking what already exists and works in your business right now and maximizing your results with the least amount of effort.

If you know me, you know I’m all about being of MORE SERVICE, while making MORE MONEY with MORE GRACE and EASE. And that’s exactly why creating more leverage in your business is essential to making the quantum leap you desire… without sacrificing your sanity.

There are three key elements to leveraging your business so you can make more money, with more grace and ease, and we’ll be covering each of these at this retreat:


What exactly are you offering, and are you maximizing the time investment, delivery, and process in order to serve more people and make more money? Or are you still trading dollars for hours, undervaluing your services, and chasing after clients that don’t pay you well?


Do you have a strong support system in place, allowing you to focus on your genius zone, delivering more value and making more money? Or are you still doing it all, wasting time on low level tasks, and chained to your business when you should be out living your dream life?


Do you have the necessary systems to streamline your income, expenses, client management, marketing, and business operations? Or are you spinning your wheels on the many tasks that could be automated, putting out fires, and wondering where things went wonky?

Even if you’ve leveraged and grown your business before...
It takes a whole new level of BEING, OPERATING, and SHOWING UP in your business to make YOUR next leap.

And that’s exactly what we’ll be covering.

This live, IN-PERSON training is going to be a very practical, skills-oriented retreat that’s
by the essential mindset reframes required to put these skills in place… and do it quickly.

Sign me up, I’m ready!

Two full retreat days and one champagne “meet and greet” opening circle (you don't want to miss this evening–the teaching and transformation begin from the get go!)

You see, it’s not just about the actions we take, the systems we put in place, or the support team we hire. If you’re not doing the inner work around leveraging your business for maximum growth, you’ll derail your team’s progress, botch the systems setup and execution, and self sabotage at every turn.

The Art of Leverage is about both the INNER GAME and OUTER GAME work.

The outer game work is important, which is why we’ll be doing the HANDS-ON work to reverse engineer the right systems, processes, packages, and team for YOU and YOUR needs… while also taking a look at the essential mindset shifts necessary to ensure these things are EFFECTIVE.

Went from $188k to over
$1.1 Million In one year!

Amira has helped me untangle many of the core beliefs that kept me in a constant state of guilt, stress, and anxiety.

She keeps me accountable in building the life I want and has broken down my goals in bite size, attainable pieces.

In the short time since we first started working together, I have reduced my stress level by 90%, handed off work to an assistant freeing up at least 20% of my time, added a new revenue stream with new clients and many prospects, and increased my income significantly, going from $188k to over $1.1 Million.

The financial benefits are easy to quantify but the benefits associated with being able to build a strong foundation and reduce my stress level are priceless. Thank you, Amira!

Wendy Schultz
Interior Design, Vacation Rental, Remodeling, and Management

Who am I to be talking to you about leveraging your business?

I’m Amira Alvarez, a business coach who helps women accelerate how quickly they grow their business through business strategies and critical mindset shifts that get results.

I've helped women go from making $2,500 in a “good month” to $7,500 in the span of just 30 days. I've also helped women go from making $188,000 to over $1.2 million dollars in sales in less than one year.

These results are phenomenal and yes they happened quickly, but I’m not a miracle worker. I don’t have a magic wand that will uplevel your income overnight.

What I do have is extensive sales, marketing, business building, and leveraging experience—plus I'm able to uncover what specific beliefs and blocks are getting in the way of your growth—as well as the ability to identify where you’re leaving money and opportunities on the table out of fear.

My style and process is direct and compassionate. I’ll laugh with you and we’ll celebrate all your wins, but I’m also fiercely committed to seeing you succeed, and I will nudge you forward in just the right ways… getting you to take the actions necessary for producing real, tangible, income-producing results.  Quickly and ultimately with much more ease.

Here’s the hard truth: You can’t quantum leap your business if you haven’t mastered The Art of Leverage…

Because even if you start bringing in more clients and revenue, you won’t have the necessary foundation in place to sustain it.

Again, there are three specific “outer game” elements that make up this foundation:




AND there are several essential “inner game” elements necessary to make a quantum leap from that “outer game” foundation:

  • Having the right energy and attitude.
  • Valuing yourself, your work, and your worth.
  • Mastering and owning your pricing and packages.
  • Knowing you’re capable of growing (and hiring the right team).
  • The ability to hold your vision and trust in the process.
  • A deep understanding of the Universal Laws and how they apply to leverage.

In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income

I was stuck! The energy in my business was stagnated.

I felt discouraged and frustrated that I couldn't create the business that I knew I was meant to have. When I met Amira and experienced her coaching I knew in my heart that this was the next step I needed to take to break through my self-doubt and start experiencing success. It was the best decision I have ever made for my business.

In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income and I am serving more women from a place of love and service than I had thought was possible!

Thank you, Amira for holding a higher vision for me to step into and fully embrace.

Misty Springer
Holistic health coach

If you’re ready to quantum leap your business with better packages, systems, and team, then I’m excited to invite you to:

The Art of Leverage

An Immersive Mindset Mastery Retreat

March 15th -17th

At The Westin la Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ

Quantum Leap Your Business with
Better Packages, Systems, and Team

Sign me up, I’m ready!

Retreat includes two full teaching days and one champagne “meet and greet” opening circle (you don't want to miss this evening–the teaching and transformation begin from the get go!)

Do you know what the gap is between where you are now and where you want to be?

I ask because most people don’t.

Most people have a sense that something is missing or misaligned. They know they probably need some support. And they know they’re leaving money on the table.

What they don’t know is what exactly that “something missing or misaligned” is in terms of their systems or packages. They don’t actually know in what areas of their business they need support, or what that would look like financially.

And they don’t truly understand how much money they’re leaving on the table by not effectively leveraging their business RIGHT NOW, from where they’re at.

Far too often business owners believe they have to get to a certain point before they can start leveraging their business for maximum results with minimal effort. The truth is, that point at which it’s time to leverage comes far sooner than most realize.

It’s time to leverage.

Right now, not someday.

This year, not down the road.

With where you’re at now, not waiting ‘til
you’re where you think you need to be.

You can choose to continue spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated by your lack of growth (and by the lack of ease), or you can choose to finally master The Art of Leverage through better packages, teams, and systems this March.

In this retreat you’ll learn how to:

  • Do the deep work of changing your beliefs and mindset so you can finally step out of the programming that keeps you overwhelmed and stuck.
  • Create effective systems that support your business growth, streamline your current processes, and free up more of your time.
  • Gain a solid understanding of what specific team members you need in place, and how exactly to go about finding them.
  • Reverse engineer the right systems and processes for YOUR needs, rather than relying on generic ones created by someone else.
  • Understand the Universal Laws and how exactly they apply to the concept of leverage in YOUR business and around YOUR goals.

You’ll receive step-by-step instruction on:

  • How to package your products or services to meet the needs of your clients at the highest level while maximizing your profits.
  • How to identify what is causing you to lose time and money and what systems you need to put in place to plug that leak.
  • How to determine when it’s important to work on systems and when it’s an utter waste of time and money.
  • How to recognize a point of failure in your business and what exactly to do about it.
  • How to determine what hires are required at what time in your business life cycle... plus when to hire a specialist versus a generalist.
  • How to set your team and your business up to run like a swiss watch!

You’ll receive all of this over two and a half days in a beautiful retreat setting with a community of spirited and spirit-driven entrepreneurial women! This is a safe space to explore and resolve what stops you from showing up powerfully and authentically in your business, so that you can start making more money, more easily.

"Thank you so much Amira, I am forever changed by my experience at the retreat this weekend."

Tara Schneider
DoTerra Essential Oils

From the start of the first night, I knew this was going to be different from any other business/mindset retreat I've been on - and I've had a lot of great coaching.

The transformations began right away. I got answers, experienced breakthroughs, and now see more clearly what is possible for me in the next phase of my career. And I'm excited about it! If you missed the retreat, I urge you to move heaven and earth to get to the next one.

Carolyn Connell
Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

The Art of Leverage

An Immersive Mindset Mastery Retreat

March 15th -17th

At The Westin la Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ

Quantum Leap Your Business with
Better Packages, Systems and Team

Sign me up, I’m ready!

Retreat includes two full teaching days and one champagne “meet and greet” opening circle (you don't want to miss this evening–the teaching and transformation begin from the get go!)

How much is it worth to you to master
The Art of Leverage?

To quantum leap your business revenue by 5x, 10x, or even 50x—with EASE?

How much is it worth to you to have a support team in place that allows you to spend your time in your genius zone, as well as on creating the business and lifestyle you desire?

To have your business operations streamlined, automated, and actually making you more money?

How much is it worth to you to truly understand the PROCESS of LEVERAGING your business for maximum results? To understand how to reverse engineer systems that support your growth, allow you to reproducing your quantum leap time and time again?

It’s worth more than any number you can come up with, that’s for sure.

Understanding how to truly leverage your business is PRICELESS, and will continue to pay off year after year.

Don't miss this bonus!

When you sign up by midnight Saturday, January 27th, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive 90-minute group coaching call with me after the retreat!

We’re going to cover a LOT of information at this retreat, and while there will be plenty of time for questions, workshopping, and support at the live event, you will have questions as you begin to implement these new practices, packages, mindsets, systems, and team. Taking advantage of the early-bird pricing by midnight January 27th gives you an opportunity to attend this 90-minute follow-up group coaching call with me to get the support you need! 


Don’t waste anymore time spinning your wheels, hustling yourself in circles, or doing things that aren’t inside your genius zone.

Master The Art of Leverage NOW.

What else might you want to
know about this retreat?

The Dates of The Art of Leverage are March 15th - March 17th, 2018

The location is the beautiful Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ.

The airport you will fly into is the Tucson International Airport (TUS).

Meals included are lunch plus snacks on both full days (Friday and Saturday).

You can bring a friend, plus one tickets are available for just $275!

Special room rates for this retreat are $179+tax with no resort fees (while available).

Full Session hours on both Friday and Saturday will be 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Not a multi-speaker event, which means you learn directly from Amira!

Opening night is Thursday at 7:00, champagne and diving into learning!

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What my clients are saying:

Making more than 8x what she was making before!!!

I learned how to make sales calls and I made 10k in about a month. (I normally make $1,200/month.)

The things that Amira taught me I shared with my husband… and it worked. Collectively my husband and I make about 12-13k/month and we challenged each other to reach $25k in May. Well, we hit $35k for May!!!

Michelle Lagaly

Discovered money-making opportunities everywhere

​For 23 years, I was stuck at a ceiling of $4,000 dollars every month. Working with Amira expanded my vision, and ideas started popping. More importantly, I follow through and turn them into income streams. I’m now making $8-10k a month consistently.

Mary Derbyshire
Alexander Technique Teacher

Landed a contract for $534,000!

​I am living proof that there is a way to speed up holding the energy for and creating something bigger than we are used to in our business.

I recently went after and landed a contract for $534,000, something I would only have dreamed of doing previously. This contract represents a quantum leap for me both financially but also as who I'm showing up to be as a business owner. And there's more on the way!

Although my levels of confidence have fluctuated and I've had extreme levels of doubt and insecurities, I've been buoyed by bouts of successes after following Amira's advice. Without the Business Acceleration Bootcamp group and her consistent mentoring, I would NEVER have taken the risks to stretch out there into this business I'm creating and I would have only stayed in my comfort zone.

I am constantly doing this with a huge leap of faith, that it will work out. And amazingly it does.

My strengths are I make decisions, follow through, know that I am creative and flexible, operate from the heart and a place of integrity. But I would have never taken these steps without the encouragement and vision that Amira held out in front of me. Allowing the positive thoughts to blossom and the negative thoughts to wither without water.

And please do come to the retreat. Again a huge leap of faith on my part…. in reality, I am kind of an introvert who poses as an extrovert… but I'm coming for MORE.

Lauren Wheeler, LEED AP
Ecologically focused landscape design

I am showing up as my best Self and closing deals.

After coaching with Amira I have a 100% conversion rate bringing on new clients. I was able to immediately close deals, enroll clients, and the money is coming in… all while being in 100% integrity and showing up as my best Self.

Jenn Krusinski
Transformational Wellness Coach

I'm feeling pretty great after the weekend and SOOO looking forward to the year ahead. I must be giving off some big time confidence vibes because my husband just described the retreat as "Wonder Woman Camp", and I am owning that name!!

Nancy Striniste
Child Focused Landscape Design

This retreat put the puzzle pieces together for me and propelled me into my new desired reality.

The belief that everyone held for me was enough for me to dispel any unbelief that I had in myself. I let go of resentment and held onto the empowering moment, integrating all I had learned in the past few years to literally run through the terror barrier. The investment with this program has been priceless.

Jesse Stukenberg
Life Coach

I left feeling incredibly clear, focused, and ready to rock it in my work, and have felt a tremendous inner shift in the days and weeks that followed.

I attended Amira's retreat with the goal of learning how I could better refine my sales process. I left feeling incredibly clear, focused, and ready to rock it in my work, and have felt a tremendous inner shift in the days and weeks that followed. Amira teaches in a personalized, tangible, experiential way, and she demonstrates what it looks and feels like to do the inner and outer work together. I highly recommend attending her events, or working with her in any capacity that you can!

Stephenie Zamora
Website Designer

The Art of Leverage

An Immersive Mindset Mastery Retreat

March 15th -17th

At The Westin la Paloma Resort and Spa in Tucson, AZ

Quantum Leap Your Business with
Better Packages, Systems, and Team

Sign me up, I’m ready!

Retreat includes two full teaching days and one champagne “meet and greet” opening circle (you don't want to miss this evening–the teaching and transformation begin from the get go!)

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