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What to do when your team lets you down.

By Amira Alvarez

Leveraging your business means bringing on support, which means you won’t be doing everything yourself. Hallelujah! This is truly a godsend…

EXCEPT it also means that your support team will inevitably let you down. Something won’t get done, or something won’t get done right, and you might find yourself feeling frustrated.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you might even feel frustration or even rage.

  • You wanted something done and you wanted it done right, bah!
  • The email went out with the wrong link to the wrong list, ugh!
  • You’re in the middle of launching and things aren’t working, noooo!
  • Your client didn’t get what they needed and now you look bad, grrrr!

Sound familiar?

The first thing to remember is that it’s human nature to make mistakes. Mistakes will happen as a part of that process, and you have to be prepared for that reality. Growing a team requires that you roll with the mistakes and use them as a way to build and solidify the systems that your business needs.

The second thing to remember is that operating from a space of rage about the mistakes is really an indication of your own shame…

Let’s break this down…

When you feel rage, instead of rolling with the punches… this is your internal shame for…

  • Not having trained your team well enough.
  • Not having the right systems in place.
  • Looking bad in the eyes of others
  • Not feeling good enough.

And this shame hampers your ability to show up as the powerful creator that you are. It brings up the stories you tell yourself about your own self worth, and who you have to be to others. It keeps you from showing up fully and serving at your highest potential. Worse yet, it keeps you from making powerful decisions that move your business forward.

Feeling shame and rage doesn’t serve anyone or anything.

Not you. Not your clients. Not your team. Not your ability to quantum leap.

And here’s the important thing to remember: feeling that frustration, rage, and underlying shame is both a choice and an absolute waste of energy.

It pushes you into spinout, which means you’re losing valuable time and wasting your valuable mental resources… and this dramatically slows down your business growth.

Here’s what you do instead:

  • Shift your energy and mindset immediately. Put it in perspective. You could even laugh about it. Feel gratitude for who’s supporting you or what’s going right. Remind yourself these things happen.
  • Think about what you’d do differently, without dwelling on the mistakes or errors. Learn the lessons, note what needs to change about the flow, and see it as an opportunity to turn your systems and team into a well oiled machine.
  • Get back to running and growing and serving in your business. What is the next necessary action step to keep your business moving forward? Go do that.

Learning how to build a team that supports YOU and your business’ growth is important. Understanding how to deal with the INNER and OUTER game aspects of that is critical.

You have to master this to make your quantum leap with both ease and grace.


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