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What’s Actually Hard About Taking The Next Step…

By Amira Alvarez

The outer game actions are the easiest part of growing your business.

I know, I know… You might be thinking… “But Amira, it’s not so easy… I can’t find the right people, I don’t know where to look, they’re not out there. Or, I don’t even know the right systems to put in place and changing my packaging seems totally and completely daunting—what’s this ‘easy part’ you speak of?!”

Here’s how it works… the actions themselves are very clear and simple.

Need more support? You hire team. To hire team you take certain actions steps such as looking at your budget, writing an ad, interviewing, onboarding, etc.

Need things streamlined? You build systems. To do that you identify where the tension and breakdown is happening, figure out the best tool or solution, build out a process, test, etc.

Need to make more money without working more hours? You change your packaging. To rework your packages you raise your prices, bundle products and services, move to value based vs hourly, understand your client’s hopes and fears, rework your positioning, change your marketing, etc.

The how is not complicated.

What’s HARD are the fears, blocks, and beliefs that crop up throughout the process that cause confusion.

For instance, it’s not hard to hire team… it’s hard to believe you’re worthy of expert level support. It’s hard to believe that the perfect person is here for you right now.

It’s not hard to build out systems… it’s hard to trust yourself enough to let go of having your hands in every little thing, so that things can be streamlined.

It’s not hard to change your packaging… it’s hard to believe in the value of your products and services, as well as the impact you have on others… when you’ve been taught to not talk big or take up too much space.

All these pieces I’ve been talking to you about… leveraging, scaling, growing, and exponentially increasing your income… it causes a lot of resistance and agitation in many business owners.

I see people writing off how easy it can be and by saying things like… it’ll work for her because she’s further along, better suited to xyz, or is pdq industry.

They don’t want to have this conversation. NOT because hiring, packaging, and building systems themselves are challenging… but because it means they have to face into the fears, blocks, and beliefs that have been keeping them small… keeping them “safe.”

But if you’re the type of who wants to have a thriving business, you have face these things.

What’s the fear, block, or belief that’s getting in your way?

I know there’s something there otherwise you’d have the big results you want.

Just this morning I had to ask myself the same question… why am I feeling stalled, stuck, unclear? What’s the belief or story? Is there fear? What’s missing for me to be able to move forward? I faced this head on and answered it so I could move forward quickly.

No matter how much you grow… how deeply you do this work… you will continue to bump up against fears, blocks, and beliefs. It doesn’t stop. Where there’s growth, there’s tension… and you’ve got to be willing to step into it to resolve it and make it easier… if you want to continue to grow.

Be willing to face into what might be there, just below the surface. Be willing to shine some light where it’s most needed and get the CLARITY necessary to move forward.


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