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You can’t stop ambition!

By Amira Alvarez

What are you trying to create with your business? Not that immediate thing that's right in front of you (though that's super important)-the big thing.

What is that?

Is it a feeling? Is it a way of living? Is it a financial goal? Is it actualizing your purpose?

Do you know? (I believe that you do. If you just let yourself, it's right there.)

Do you dare name it? Feel it? Know it?

What stops you? (Not rhetorical. I really want to know.)

The fear of disappointment? The fear of claiming it and then not following through and letting yourself down? Because that's been your pattern.

The fear of working hard and only getting so far? Because that's been your pattern.

The fear of being pulled in so many different directions that you don't know yourself anymore. Because that's been your pattern.

The fear of finding yourself distracted again and way off course. Because that's been your pattern.

And now what?

Your desire is your desire. It is in you and driving you.

You're interfering with it. You're meddling. In a good natured, “doing my best” kind of way. But there's the truth. You're getting in your own way.

This is what stops you from having what you want, having the whole life that you want, including a kick-ass business.

Yes, you need the outer tools–the sales funnels, the marketing, the core offering, the business model–all of that and more. It's true.

But all of this will be freakin' HARD if you keep doing your thing and keep getting in your own way. All of the actions of business building will take twice as long, not resonate, flop… if you don't get out of your own way.

Get out of your own way. (Said in the most loving, compassionate, yet direct way.)


I can show you how. Schedule a session and we can talk. No pressure.

It's time to do it differently. With ease and grace. It's time your ambition was in service to your higher truth.

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