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I Still Get Schooled

By Amira Alvarez

I'm entitling this post… “I still get schooled.” ;-)

I want to talk about my transition from DIYing everything to getting help… because it's an ongoing evolution… STILL.

I coach on this all the time… actually taking the steps to get help in your business ALL the time no matter what level you're at.

Hiring team, then continuing to hire, expanding hours, adding experts and contractors, coaches, home support like personal chefs, cleaning services, etc… and continuing to expand what help you ask for.

For me, this happens almost every day in my business with my assistant. See… I'm all about rapid growth… so anytime and every time I see something she can do for me, I hand it off.

I don't think… “can I afford it?” I just do it. I used to… but I had to teach myself that this is how you expand. BUT here's the thing… you then have to fill this time with money generating activities. Them's the rub. ;-)

Okay, circling back… I continue to expand what I ask her for help on…

The funny thing is… ALL THAT STUFF that I'm handing off to her today? It was here yesterday but I didn't see it.

I wasn't ready to see it, but it was there. You need to do the growth, to see the opportunity. It's always here. You're just not aware of it. (Noodle on that for awhile.)

Now there's another kind of help I get in my business… I get my own mentoring, which is an “of course” for anyone who is on a path to scaling their business rapidly.

I just went to my coach yesterday thinking… everything is peachy, I'm not sure why I'm even here, la-dee-da. And you know what… I got schooled… in the best possible way. THERE IS ALWAYS MORE GROWTH. You always have blind spots. There are always opportunities you need to grow into seeing.

I mention this because I often see people say… “I'm all good now,” and think that's an indication that you don't need help. It's not… if you want to make rapid growth. There are more opportunities everywhere… you just can't see them. ;-)


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