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CEO and Founder of The Unstoppable Woman®

Creating a life, business or career you love isn't magic. It requires work. 
But it can be so much easier.

Amira Alvarez shows ambitious women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and women leaders in the workplace who are going for more how to create true freedom and live an uncompromised, unstoppable, delightful life... free from overwhelm, burnout, or financial constraint.

Your audience will walk away understanding exactly what's getting in the way of their personal freedom and what to do about it. They will learn how to:

  • Create the income they desire.
  • Take action easily and build their successful, unstoppable life, business, or career.
  • Overcome the fears, anxiety, self-doubt, double binds, and negative self-image that holds them back.
  • Be comfortable in their own skin and cultivate stellar relationships with themselves and others.
  • Achieve their lifestyle goals and live their bucket list—not someday, but today.
  • Train their mind to be a switching station for creation and master their manifestation skills.
  • Stop the daily spinout and eliminate overwhelm and burnout.

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Speaking Topics

All talks provide actionable tactics and strategies while addressing the success mindset  required to execute on them.

Making Money is Mathematically Easy:
Why Are You Making It Hard?

Have you ever wondered why some businesses skyrocket while others struggle and plateau for years? As the owner, it’s not just about working hard and putting in the time. You can't 10x your work hours to 10x your income. That's a recipe for burnout. Amira will share the three ways to significantly increase your income and The Freedom Equation that gets you there, plus how to recognize exactly where you are getting in your own way and making scaling your business harder than it needs to be. 

Actionable takeaways for your audience include:

  • Identifying which of the three ways to scale works for their business.
  • How to immediately recognize their own blocks to taking the most essential, needle-moving action.
  • In-depth understanding of The Freedom Equation and how to apply it.

Cracking the Code of Income Generation:
Master Sales, Master Financial Freedom

Sales is what moves money! If you’re not experiencing the kind of income you want, chances are you haven't mastered sales. Amira will show you exactly how to move through your own blocks, fears of rejection, and not knowing what to say to get your prospects and clients happily saying 'yes' even before you ask for the sale. This powerful talk takes your audience through the exact questions to ask to effectively and authentically make consistent sales, all while showing up in the highest service to your clientele.

Actionable takeaways for your audience include:

  • The seven questions for seven-figure sales. These are the specific questions you need to ask to consistently make high-integrity, high-ticket sales. 
  • The specific mindset shifts required to move through sales blocks and get over the fear of being  "salesy." 
  • The key requirement you're looking for in any sales conversation, without which there is no sale.

Get Real: The Power of Influence and Authenticity in Networking

Income and opportunities come through people. We, as people, help, promote, and do business with people we know, like, and trust. If you want to make more money and have more impact, you must know how to make mutually beneficial, authentic connections that lead to personal and professional growth. But often people get nervous, lose their confidence, or feel like they have to put on a show and be someone they're not when reaching out and conversing with people they want to partner with or have as clients. There is an alternative–but it requires that you confidently own your worth and value. Only then can you truly connect comfortably as your real self and use The Impression of Increase to master influence and maximize your networking efforts. 

Actionable takeaways for your audience include:

  • How to identify the true value you bring to the table and instantly raise your self-worth and confidence in any situation.
  • How to develop an "opening line" strategy for any situation (warm calls, cold calls, hallway conversations, text, DM, at events, etc) and authentically reach out to start conversations with people.
  • What "The Impression of Increase" is, why it's essential to mastering influence, and three key steps to develop and use it.

Stop Playing Small–It's Time To Get Out There And Commit To Making Your Impact

Everyone has the potential for greatness yet not everyone executes on It. Why? Because reaching your potential requires that you risk failure. So how do you move beyond this fear of failure? In this talk, Amira will share how commitment and visibility work together to catapult action, growth, and success so you can rapidly start living out your potential. 

Actionable takeaways for your audience include:

  • Identify what visibility (aka personal and professional marketing) actions are most important to moving the needle in your career and business right now.
  • The 5 steps to creating your own personal commitment challenge so you can bust through your blocks to taking the "move the needle" action.
  • How to identify the top 3 self-sabotaging behaviors and create a strategy to keep yourself in momentum when they crop up.

The Polarity of Desire and Expectation:
The Key to Manifesting What You Want Now.

We live in an easy and abundant Universe and there is a clear, repeatable methodology for generating exactly what you want in your life and business, whether that's the new job, greater income, or your dream home, without the struggle. This is the Manifestation Process. Amira demystifies how it works and teaches you exactly how to start living to achieve your goals quicker and become truly unstoppable without the overwhelm and burnout. Say good-bye to inconsistent or nonexistent results!

Actionable takeaways for your audience include:

  • A simple workable breakdown of the first 3-steps required in manifestation.
  • How to get out of your own way and claim what you truly want. (So many of us play small and limit ourselves.) 
  • What to do exactly when everything around you seems to be falling apart and indicates that you should give up. The key things successful do differently.

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"Everyone has the potential to make as much money as they want, but not everyone executes on it. Once you learn the Universal Laws to Success, you too can create financial freedom and become truly unstoppable in your life."

About Amira Alvarez

Amira Alvarez is the Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping thousands of driven women in the workplace, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals achieve their financial breakthrough. As someone who has made a quantum leap (going from barely making 6-figures to making $700k in one year) and has lived to tell about it, she knows exactly what mindset shifts are required to get out of your own way, master the art of success, and gain the confidence and freedom to keep growing.

The strategies she used to achieve this growth are the same strategies she uses with her clients, helping them double, triple, and even five times their income in less than a year, cross the 7-figure mark, and become truly unstoppable in their lives and businesses.

Amira has served individuals in a wide range of industries including real estate, business consulting, the arts, coaching, law, medicine as well as leaders in corporate positions. When she's not helping others, she's continuing to say "yes" to her own growth and stays 100% committed to being unstoppable in her own life and business.

Amira teaches in a personalized, tangible, experiential way, and she demonstrates what it looks and feels like to do the inner and outer work together.

I highly recommend attending her events, listening to her talks or teachings, or working with her in any capacity that you can!

Stephenie Zamora
Website Designer

From the start of the first night, I knew this was going to be different from any other business/mindset teaching I've received - and I've had a lot of great coaching.

The transformations began right away. I got answers, experienced breakthroughs, and now see more clearly what is possible for me in the next phase of my career. And I'm excited about it!

Carolyn Connell
Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

This teaching put the puzzle pieces together for me and propelled me into my new desired reality.

The belief that everyone held for me was enough for me to dispel any unbelief that I had in myself. I let go of resentment and held onto the empowering moment, integrating all I had learned in the past few years to literally run through the terror barrier.

Jesse Stukenberg
Life Coach

I am inspired by most of the people I interview but I have to admit I found myself re-quoting Amira for weeks after our interview. She's a brilliant, heart-full entrepreneur who I am proud to have had on my show.

Amira is a treat to interview. She's professional, confident, clear and passionate. I am inspired by most of the people I interview but I have to admit I found myself re-quoting Amira for weeks after our interview. She's got a way of speaking right to the soul of both the interviewer and the listeners and when we were done I felt like I had just spent time with an old childhood friend. She's a brilliant, heart-full entrepreneur who I am proud to have had on my show.

Sharon Mor
The Savvy Spirit

Your episode has been the most popular by far!

Amira has a fun and engaging presence that not only gets attention, but leaves listeners inspired. Her ideas on sales business growth are very unique and refreshing. In a matter of minutes, she can transform the process of sales from something thats intimidating and overwhelming, to something that’s empowering and energizing.

Kyle Gray
The Story Engine


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