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The silly stories I tell myself

By Amira Alvarez

This week a made two big decisions. Count them… two!

I decided to pay our house cleaner to wash and fold our laundry and I decided to order organic, premade food and have it delivered straight to my doorstep every week.

The excitement I felt doing this FAR exceeded the gravity of either of those choices.

On the face of things, these don't seem like really big decisions. It's just paying for a product or a service. We make these kinds of decisions all the time.

Yet, this was (strangely) a bigger deal to me than when I flew first class for the first time which was a much bigger financial investment for sure.

So what was this about? What made this different for me?

The stories I was telling myself about what this meant.

What do I mean by stories?

Stories, in this case, are the thoughts we have, that are sometimes barely perceptible, that run in our head about why we can or cannot do something, take some action, go for some dream, have something, ask for something, engage in that conversation, etc.

It's what stops us… in life and business.

There's the story of…

I can do it myself, therefore I don't need to hire someone to help me. (Total BS)

It's silly, not worth it, extravagant, indulgent, wasteful. (Double BS)

Maybe Jack (el husband) won't agree, like it, approve, etc. (OMG, am I really admitting this out loud to you? I am, 'cause that's the truth right there.)

All of these stories boil down to SELF-WORTH and FEAR OF REJECTION.

I want it, but… Do I deserve it?

I want it, but… What if “they” don't approve?

I would have done both of these long ago if I thought my desires were worth it and if I wasn't choosing to let my husband's ideas of what's appropriate to spend money on stop me.

I'm not blaming him at all. Totally my choice to buy into this story. It's my story. Of course, he has different ideas of what to spend money on. Totally cool, right? Except it isn't… not when you make your life smaller because of it. It's a small yet big thing.

See… I can absolutely do the laundry myself. Laundry is easy. I can do it with a (mostly) a great attitude… yet, there was always a part of me that was a little resentful. I'd rather be doing something else!

Same thing with making myself lunch every day. I work from home and so even if I'm eating food I've previously made, there's some cleanup or futzing. I love having real lunches, yet I get pulled out of my workflow by making lunch, cleaning up. Totally capable, yet not what I want to be doing.

One of the things I know about life and business is that resentment actually stops the flow of what you want in your life.

When you're resentful, you're actually putting a giant stop sign up to the Universe.

It's the same in your business… are you resentful having to do certain tasks?

Pay close attention here… work that out. Either get yourself good with the task or hire someone else to do. Both work. What doesn't work is staying in resentment.

Integrate this concept (The Law of Resentment) into your business and you'll find that this is not only a total emotional upgrade, it opens up the monetary cash flow in your business as well.

In order to be in harmony and not in resentment, I needed to move beyond my stories.

Yes, this case it meant paying the money for the service but it could mean finding a non-monetary solution, eg: a change in attitude. And yes, this meant choosing in favor of what I wanted despite potential judgment or rejection.

You've got to move beyond your stories. I look for mine every day and then decide in favor of what I want. Whether it's a small or large decision, go boldly toward your desires!

What are you going to choose in favor of today?

Make that incremental upgrade!



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