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Showing Up As You In Your Business

By Amira Alvarez

Today let's talk about showing up as YOU in your business.

Not some fake, ersatz version of you.

But the real, wonderful you.

This is one of the absolutely, most essential keys to having an easier business.

It saves you time, money, energy, and dramatically increases the happiness factor of your business.

Why? Because it will be YOU. 100%. Through and through.

// You'll be able to make decisions without second guessing yourself.

// You'll have the right words to describe what you do.

// You'll own how you like to work and be able to create a business around that.

And it's such a freakin' relief.

Here's a really simplistic example of this…

When I'm talking to a potential client during a business consultation, somewhere in that call I find myself wanting to swear, for emphasis and effect.

Instead of censoring myself, I say to my potential client… “Hey listen, I swear like a sailor” as a bit of forewarning, before I let it rip.

Inevitably the woman I'm talking to laughs and says “OMG, me too.”

Then there's an exhale…from both of us. There's instant rapport.

It's such a relief to be real, to not have to put on a guise of being someone we're not.

And you know what?

That builds the connection. That builds the trust. AND, that makes my business so much easier.

If I'm constantly worried about offending someone with my “gutter mouth” I cut myself off from my personality and who I am, and I spend valuable energy on censoring instead of showing up fully for my potential customer.

AND, (and this is a big one), the wonderful people who are offended by my swearing (or whatever else is absolutely me) are not my ideal client. We're not a great fit and we are both better off NOT working together.

It saves us both time, money, and energy in the long run.

This was a very simple example.

Yet our businesses are made up of a thousand trillion similarly SIMPLE, small ways in which we show up.

You are your business.

So tell me…

What is absolutely YOU in your business? How can you decide to show up more as you?

Do you see how showing up as you in your business would make running it so much easier?

Keep it real and make your business feel like a coming home.

Keep showing up as YOU. Do it confidently. Be uncompromisingly YOU.


P.S. This is also part and parcel of creating a personal brand and niching. But if those words make you go “huh?” just remember to keep your business YOU. It doesn't have to be complicated. It just has to be you.

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