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Reaching Your Revenue Goal By The End Of The Year

By Amira Alvarez

It's almost the end of June, which means we're almost done with the first half of this year!

Time flies, doesn't it? Despite the fact that time seems to fly by, there's still so much time remaining to create what you set out to create this year… even if you're “behind” on reaching or meeting the goals you set for yourself six months ago.

But you have to be willing to take a real, honest look at where you’re at… you have to be willing to be real and honest about what’s working and what’s not… whether that’s with your team, your systems, your packages and offerings, or in how you’re showing up (or not) as a leader.

It’s not about feeling bad or getting frustrated… that just derails our progress even more. Resentment is a STOP SIGN to the Universe, and that’s not where we want to spend our time!

It’s about gathering the necessary information in order to course correct as needed to reach your goals. That’s it… it’s just information and insight to work with.

Today I invite you to take a look at your original goals for this year… where you’re at currently and where you want to go… as well as what is and is not working.

  • Revenue: What were the revenue goals you set at the beginning of the year? What do you need to make in the next six months in order to reach that goal?
  • Packaging: Do the product and services you currently offer SUPPORT you in reaching that goal? Do you need to change your packaging or raise your pricing? Do you need to rework your marketing, messaging, and position to attract higher end clients?
  • Team: Does the team you currently have support you in reaching this goal? Are they making things easier, or are they slowing things down? What training do they need to better support you for the remainder of the year? Where do you need to hire or bring on an expert to be more effective in what you’re doing? Where do you need to create a position to take more off your plate so you can focus on your genius?
  • Systems: Where have the biggest points of frustration, tension, or failure been happening in your business? What systems need to be put in place to eliminate these things completely? What are you or your team spending time doing more than once? What tools are needed to automate more of your processes? What systems could be implemented to improve your client/customer experience?
  • Leadership: Where do you need to take more ownership of what isn’t happening? As business owners, we are always first cause on the physical plane… which means we’re always at cause for what is and is not happening. Where do you need to take more ownership so that you can really move the needle forward in your business?

It’s not enough to just answer these questions… you have to take this information and actually implement changes in how you show up, how your team operates, and how you run your business. You have to FOCUS on what really has an impact on your ability to scale and grow.

No more excuses… no more spinning your wheels… no more distractions. Activate the Law of Personal Responsibility.


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