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I went on a rant. I had to say it. It’s that important.

By Amira Alvarez

This morning I got all hot and bothered and went on a rant.

I realized that I was doing everyone a disservice by holding back on this…  so I let it rip Facebook.

It's the truth and it needs to be said, and it bears repeating here as well.

Be warned. It might trigger you. :)


Do the work. Don't hide out. Don't stop yourself. Step forward.

Do NOT crush your dreams with inaction or fear of doing wrong or wasting your time or thoughts like…

It's not working.” “Will it be worth it?” “This stuff never works.” “I don't have time.

It's not true. This is the total B.S. you tell yourself so you don't take a risk and do the work.

What's not working is you. By that, I do NOT mean you're broken. Quite the contrary…

You are amazing, magnificent and WHOLE. I see it, feel it, know it.

What I mean is you're stopping yourself. You're not doing the work. Because of some sort of fear.

Now “the work” doesn't have to feel overwhelming and stressful if it's aligned with your vision, you clear the blocks, you know what steps to take, you focus and do the work consistently, and you allow for money to come to you easily.

This is how successful women choose ease. (There's more to it, of course, which is what I teach, but that's the basic outline.)

That first choice of saying “Yes, I'll do the work. I trust myself to do the work.” This is usually the hardest.

This choice / fear often is most apparent when taking the leap to get expert help. (Yes, I'm talking about working with me.)


Because you're putting your hard-earned cash down. This means you're in. You're either going to do the work or you will have wasted your money.

Both your subconscious and conscious brains know this. It's a risk.

If you want to step up yet say no, this is a way of saying you don't trust yourself to do the work.

I get it. I totally get. Boy, do I get it! I've totally been there myself.

I remember when I invested $20k in myself and my business for the first time for 4 hours of coaching. It seems like a ridiculous amount of money, right? *It's not.* I was shaking all over. But once I made the decision, I knew immediately that it was the right decision and everything quieted down. I knew I would do the work and the ROI would be amazing.

What you need to be asking yourself instead of can I afford it or do I have the time is…

++ Do I want my business to take off?
++ Do I want to clear the blocks and get out of my own way?
++ Do I want the cash flow?
++ Am I willing to do the work and allow all of that in?

What if you actually get what you want?

I'd love to help you get that. Yet, you're the one who needs to step up and say yes. And you're the one who needs to do the work.

Coaching is not a substitute for showing up and doing the work. It just makes it a whole lot easier and speeds up the results.

If you're interested, if you're motivated and ambitious, if you want to focus on growing your business with more ease and grace, let me know.


Post script… This is all said with a HUGE amount of LOVE.

I want you to succeed. I want you to have an amazing business.

If it triggers you, consider that me doing my job.

If it inspires you, consider that me doing my job.

If you say yes to this invitation to step up, get help, and accelerate your business… consider that you doing YOUR job.

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