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My (Not So Pretty) Story About Quantum Leaping My Business

By Amira Alvarez

Recently a very good friend asked me in a private Facebook group how my “Quantum Leap” was going.

She was referring to the big growth visions I had for my business that I shared with them earlier this year.

I had some some deep visioning work and plugged into a much BIGGER vision for myself.

It was exciting and scary as FUCK. (Pardon on my language, but that really is the word that sums it up.)

Although my vision seemed do-able…

Although my mentors (all three of them) completely saw this as possible NOW for me (there was no doubt for them)…

Although my Mastermind compatriots held this vision too…

Although it was MEGA resonant with my soul and spirit…

This vision was so big that I couldn't really hold it. #truth #transparency

My current Self and way of being and showing up in the world couldn't hold this new container in the here and now. It was just too big of a leap for me to go from where I was to where I wanted to be in a matter of the time it took to make the decision…although I tried.

I wanted to be the person who could embody that vision, but in truth, I was FREAKED out.

I spent almost 3 months persistently holding that container for myself, despite the fear that I was feeling. I kept working and moving forward, however this wasn't my most finest, ease-filled time of my life. (It kind of sucked the big one actually.)

I didn't make much progress forward and I spent a lot of time spinning my wheels.


I course corrected.

I went back to the basics.

I started with where I was at and took a smaller step forward.

I created a more reasonable plan that I could hold.

The fear went away. I was able to take action again. My momentum came back. My business grew.

I'm well on my way to that BIG VISION, just without all the crazy. Phew!

Plus, there were some extraordinary lessons that I learned that I couldn't have learned any other way.
(Success is the worse teacher.)

When I shared this with my friends, all brilliant women in business, one of them said “you're hiding an easy button, right?”


I've got some extraordinary tools that I use to get back on track and shorten the life cycle from struggle to ease…

but no, there is no “easy button.”

What there is is…

1. Commitment, perseverance, and an all-in attitude. I don't give up. I course correct, I make adjustments, I test and tweak, but I don't give up. I know that seems all rah-rah, inspirational poster like… yet it's true. Do not give up. Figure out how to make it work and do the work.

2. Choosing ease. Although I pushed myself out of my comfort zone so much that I was beyond anything that felt like ease, I ultimately went back to what I know to be true and to my core driving principle… Successful women choose ease. This is works. Always. I tested it for the umpteenth time in this case. This doesn't mean no effort. It means making decisions on a daily basis that move you toward more and more ease. The sooner you do this, the faster your success. Works every time.

3.Lesson learned and Releasing Shame. Once I made my course correction and went back to taking my Elephant Steps, I didn't beat myself up. I didn't mercilessly reprimand myself for “wasting 3 months”… as tempting as that was. I could feel that temptation rising up and instead I choose to consciously validate the lessons learned from this experience and how it's actually helped me tremendously.

One big lesson I learned is… that when we stretch too far out of our current comfort zone and stay there for awhile, as painful as it feels at the time, once we come back we're forever changed. We've had an expanded experience and having that experience makes it so much easier to take action from where we are now. it feels easy compared to that other experience.

That's the “pulling back the curtain” story and some of the lessons learned of my own Quantum Leap. I hope it's helped to present a more realistic picture of how business works.

The best part of this is that my vision has actually GROWN since the beginning of the year.

More on that next week, when I share my thoughts on iteration and evolution. Watch for that soon!

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