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People Love To Rationalize This, Don’t They?

By Amira Alvarez

People love to rationalize that making money isn't important.

They explain it away, saying I don’t really need that much, what’s really important is service and impact. They’ve got their expenses covered and a little left over for fun, they don’t need to be “greedy” and go for more.

That’s one way to look at it.

The rest of us are looking for GROWTH, for financial freedom, for the ability to be unlimited by anything in this life, to live to our fullest, and have an extraordinary life… to have the AND/MORE experience.

Doesn’t that sound delicious? Impact AND financial freedom?

See… Wondering if you afford to hire that person or buy those shoes, always constraining yourself, it doesn’t feel unlimited. It doesn’t feel extraordinary.

It feels constrained. Compromised. Small.

You can rationalize it away, but…

It keeps you from making your impact in the world. (Eg: You’ve got a big message, but you don’t have the means to get it out there? THAT!)

Personally, I want to always be growing. I want to always be doing my work in this world. I always want to be making my impact.

But I know that it requires money.

I’m a dreamer, but a do-er too.

I’m fully focused on service and impact, completely showing up 100% to do my work in the world… serve in the way I was meant to serve… AND, making a kickass income in the process.

Charging what you’re worth, owning your value, and being paid WELL for what you do is critical to you making the greatest impact you can in this lifetime

Do you want to get to the place where the question is NEVER, “can I afford this and should I spend the money?”

But instead it’s, “do I want this and when do I want it?”

Let me ask you this, how often do you make yourself choose between the things you desire? How often do you allow yourself to believe that it’s either/or, rather than both, and? How frequently are you letting yourself settle for good enough rather than truly going for more and having it all… whatever “having it all” means for YOU and YOUR life?

When I coach my private clients, this is a constant thread in our work.

I’m constantly having to help them open their minds to the REALITY that they can have AS MUCH AS THEY DESIRE, if they’re willing to do the work to get out of their own way.

What is that work?

  • CLARITY… knowing exactly what they want and claiming it fully.
  • FOCUS… putting their time, energy, attention, and money into the actions, projects, and areas that will allow them to move the needle more quickly.
  • MINDSET… bringing awareness to the thoughts, beliefs, habits, patterns, and stories that are keeping them small, and doing the work to get leverage over their subconscious programming so that they’re no longer self-sabotaging or buying into the lie that it’s either/or.

It’s a choice to stay small.

It’s a choice to live life through the lens of either/or.

What will you choose and how will you start showing up differently?


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