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The Money Breakthrough System

By Amira Alvarez

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you probably know that I’ve created MULTIPLE quantum leaps in my business since I started.

I went from making $30k my first year and tripled it to $90k my second.

Then I made the lept from $90k to making $138k.

And after making $138k, I 5x my income to $700k in just one year.

I’ve continued to grow leaps and bounds from there.

How? I use the principles behind The Money Breakthrough System. :-)

This system is about turning your potential into PROFIT…. actual, sustainable profit.

Because the truth is… everyone has the potential to make as much money as they want, but not everyone executes on it.

Why is that?

Why do some people make HUGE quantum leaps in their income, while other really smart, really committed, really creative women continue to struggle month-to-month?

Why are some people able to call in more income with relative ease, while others feel overwhelmed with inconsistent cash flow, always struggling to get their next ‘yes’?

It starts with understanding the Manifestation Matrix Process, which is at the heart of the Money Breakthrough system.

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  • How to claim and actualize your juiciest money goals.
  • The key to quickly identifying your biggest income blocks.
  • The critical step that you must take now to move from passion to profit.

Plus, you’ll get my eight power questions to FAST-TRACK your income today!

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