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The Missing Link To Breaking Through Your Income Glass Ceiling

By Amira Alvarez

One of the things I’m noticing more and more is how women who are leaders in their industry…

Who are already making 6-figures or upwards of 7-figures and are ready to do more in the world, are hitting up against their own glass ceiling.

They’re missing opportunities and getting in their own way… yet they don’t see exactly what it is that’s holding them back.

I call this the missing link phenomenon.

See, when you’re at this level you are clearly good at what you do and you already have a high level of business acumen. Yet at every level, whenever you are on your growth edge, you will have a blind spot (or two.)

There will be something that’s stopping you from elegantly getting to the next level of success.
This is YOUR missing link.

This is the problem that you don’t see, that if solved you’d be able to put success together much more elegantly.

Let’s take a woman with whom I was speaking last Friday. She’s brilliant at what she does, as good as it gets in her field, already making multiple 6-figures.

Yet she wasn’t reaching the level she wanted to reach on her own because with her own processing she couldn’t see the answer to her particular business bottleneck.

What was her particular business bottleneck?

Her challenge was effectively reaching her high-level, ideal clients even though she was getting personal referrals made on her behalf by highly credible colleagues.

It seems like these highly credible referrals would have worked like a charm, but they weren’t.

So we dug in and identified exactly where the breakdown was. In this case it was around messaging and exactly how her colleagues were positioning her.

It seemed okay on the surface, but our discussion revealed that they way they were introducing her was clearly not speaking to what drives the clients she was trying to reach. It was not motivating them to take action and get in touch.

This was the missing link in an otherwise strong business strategy.

Not only did we come up with better language that positioned her brilliance in a way that her ideal clients would really relate to, we came up with a strategy to get them on the phone with her that was non-threatening and more conducive to a yes.

Now she can easily run with this. (Love that!)

You've got to be able to to do this with ease and grace at every stage of your business and at every step along the way.

Often that's hard to do when you're so close to your own work. You can't see the forest for the trees.

The first thing to try on your own, is to step back–gain a different perspective.

You need to look at the problem from a different angle.

In the example I used here, this was about stepping into the perspective of her ideal clients and then seeing if we were making a connection there.

If you're still not seeing the answers and the opportunity from this new vantage point, it's important to get help.

It does you no good to keep circling around your issue in your own mind by yourself.

You want to find your missing links and resolve them, so you can move forward with the ease and grace.

This will allow you to step out of “hard” and step into a much easier way of building your business.


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