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Marketing & Messaging Class

In business, MARKETING is essential.

It brings you more clients, more cash, more recognition, and ultimately, more overall success.

But I'm not advocating for any old marketing.

I'm NOT talking marketing with sleazy tactics, false claims, or weird hype.

I'm NOT talking marketing in the way that the “get rich quick guru” is telling you to do it.

And I'm NOT even talking about marketing the way she's doing it over there… even if you admire her.


You have to do marketing YOUR WAY.

I firmly believe this.

Yes, you need to know basic and essential marketing concepts and what your options are. (I'll help you with that.)

But beyond that, you need to figure out exactly how to market in a way that feels aligned and good to YOU.

Anything short of this, and you'll avoid it. You'll procrastinate.

Or worse, you'll force yourself to do it, BUT with a big knot of yuck in your stomach. (Why live that way?)


Here's the thing…

BEFORE you come up with a MARKETING PLAN that works for you, you need to be very, very clear about your MESSAGE.

A marketing plan without a clear, strong, connected message is like throwing darts and wishing for the best. It's a waste of time and energy. It will be hard.

Instead, you need to OWN YOUR MESSAGE and HAVE A MARKETING PLAN that's easy for you to execute on consistently.


You need BOTH….

Your clear and aligned MESSAGE + you clear and aligned MARKETING PLAN. That's what we're after here.


BUT, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees and you get lost in the weeds.

Sometimes you just don't know how to pull all your thoughts and ideas together, into a coherent message and plan.

Sometimes all the different marketing tactics you could use don't make sense or seem overwhelming. Where do I start? What do I do first?

And sometimes you're so in your story or limiting beliefs about what's possible, that you can't see your way out.

That's where the 4 Week Marketing and Messaging Class comes in.



Who want to create (and execute) a simple MARKETING PLAN.


Who want to rock their business without contorting their soul.

Sound like you?

Then let me ask you this…

Are YOU willing to engage and do the work?

(Sitting on the sidelines, keeps you on the sidelines.)




Messaging Matters. Say What YOU Mean, Mean What You Say”

Your clear, strong, and connected message.

In Module 1, we'll cover:

  • What a message is and how it's different than your title, what you do, and your process.
  • What makes for a powerful and clear message that really connects with your customer.
  • Why your message matters. (This is not about lip service people. It's about truly connecting with your customers.)
  • What is YOUR message and how to get EVEN CLEARER and really OWN IT.
  • How to simplify your message and use it as a guiding principle and business model to keep you on track.



Messaging In Action & The Power of Being on Point

Applying your message every day in your business.

In Module 2, we'll cover:

  • How to use your message in YOUR MARKETING so that you're able to confidently speak or write about your biz… in all situations.
  • The art of really speaking to your customers, especially in how you name and describe your offers.
  • How not to be afraid to say what you mean. (Hint: this is about getting over limiting beliefs and blocks and really, really, really owning your message.)
  • Expanding on your core message without losing focus. The trick to staying on point while growing your biz.
  • Testing for truth and the ultimate (and simple) feel good test to use when you're marketing.


Tips and Tricks for Being Understood in the Digital Era

Your online presence is important.

In Module 3, we'll cover:

  • How to write clear copy online. Includes a checklist of simple tips for writing in ways that make sense to both you and YOUR customer.
  • Making the most of your website. How to weave your message into EVERY page of your website.
  • Making sure you're on message wherever you show up online (FB, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).
  • Using visuals effectively and supporting your message with photos, videos, graphics, and good design.
  • How to make sure your messaging and marketing leads people to take action.
    (Action = engage with you, contact you to learn more, BUY from you, and become raving fans and repeat customers.)


Creating Your Personal (and manageable) Marketing Plan

This is the process I used to grow my business WITHOUT BEING A STRESS CASE.

In Module 4, you'll be guided through a process to create a plan:

  • That's engaging for YOU and suits your style, vibe, and energy levels.
  • That's focused, actionable, and keeps you from being scattered.
  • That's simple, while allowing you to evolve and grow.
  • That helps you show up regularly and consistently without overloading or overwhelming yourself.
  • That helps you determine who's radar you want to be on and how to naturally connect with them.
  • That invites your perfect match clients to COME TO YOU.

You'll walk away with a POWERFUL and UNIQUE TO YOU marketing plan.

This is NOT one-size fits all.


This content is designed to get you CLEAR and in ACTION.

It gives you the information you need (the nitty-gritty how-to's) to build your own marketing plan.

You will walk away with a structure that works for you, that can evolve as you grow, and which allows you to be creative, without overwhelming yourself.

For most women in business, the issue isn’t if you need help with your marketing and messaging, it’s if this class will fit into your life and schedule right now.

That’s why I’ve set-up this class so that when you sign up, you get access to all 4 modules of content immediately. You can do these at your own pace or all at once, depending on when you have time, your learning style, and how fast you want results. You get to decide!

It’s important to me for this to work for you.


The Marketing and Messaging Class is $497.

Grab this opportunity to take your marketing to the next level.

Start now and work at your own pace.


This is box title

“Clear on my own value, more engagement from tribe”

My biggest challenge was getting clear on the crux of my message and deeply connecting with my tribe. I was feeling a little lost and was lacking the confidence to really put myself out there as a coach. The class helped me get clear on my own value, what I offer my clients and the problems that I help them with.

I've had more engagement from my tribe and more interaction, and I've been able to sell tickets to my first workshop all because of the marketing and messaging tools that I learned in the class.

Every single video and worksheet was helpful because it was clear, easy to implement and always left me feeling with a deeper understanding about myself, my message and the clients that I work with.

Natasha Sciotto
Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Rochelle Rhea

“Brought depth and purpose to why I teach”

I learned so much from the 4 Week Marketing and Messaging Class I don't know where to start! If I follow every word of advice you wrote, I know I will be successful.

For me finding my message and going deeper was a great win. I never considered thinking like this. It brought depth and purpose to why I teach.

Rochelle Rhea
Alexander Technique Teacher



“I don't need to hide in messages that I don't believe in ”

Visibility and getting my message out there was one of my biggest challenges.

The Marketing and Messaging Class has helped me get more clear about my message and it's now more in alignment with me and what I have to offer.

I have gotten out there much more and have learned how to speak in a way that really helps my potential clients know what the benefits are of working with me.

I feel like I'm really taking steps toward having the practice I want and I've done the work to say to the Universe–I want this!

Theresa Garcia
Rosen Method Practioner


The Marketing and Messaging Class is $497.

Be prepared for more clarity, more confidence, and much better results!

Start now and work at your own pace.


This is box title

Saras Fejioo

“I don't need to hide in messages that I don't believe in ”

The Marketing and Messaging Class helped me understand that I don't need to hide in messages that I don't believe in or do something I don't stand by to present myself and my art as “sellable”.

It helped me understand how to speak about my offers clearly using my own ideas, resources, and the things I stand by.

It's also made a difference in how I present myself to the world, especially on social media, as now, I have more confidence in simply saying what I am/feel because what I do and what I am are the same thing and they have a value in itself!

Saras Fejioo
Artist, Developer of the Master Journey for Artists


Meg Butler

“I am fabulously happy about the progress I made”

I came to the Marketing and Messaging Class wanting to find a way to authentically message and market myself on social media.

I have learned how to write better copy which is a very different skill from other kinds of writing.

I am fabulously happy about the progress I made with Amira's help on my website copy and I feel great about driving traffic to my website now!

I'd recommend The Marketing and Messaging Class to any woman who is in business for herself.

Meg Butler
Rosen Method Practitioner


Mary Derbyshire

“Take this class you will come away inspired and motivated!”

Amira's Marketing and Messaging Class has significantly improved the way I promote my Alexander Technique practice.

I came to the class wanting to expand my audience and broaden the base of my work.

The class asked me to clarify how I wanted to reframe my business so that it could grow and be more profitable.

What I liked best about the class was the way that it progressed from one week to the next. Each week built upon the next- each week brought greater clarity.

The process was systematic yet wonderfully expressive and creative. I learned that I need to ask myself the difficult questions and not sidestep them. I know now that the difficult questions are the key to my clarity, authenticity, and success.

I encourage you to take this class you will come away inspired and motivated!

Mary Derbyshire
Alexander Technique Teacher


Karen Widas

“For anyone thinking about doing this class – DO IT!”

Just Module 1 is worth its weight in gold! Going through this has helped me get clear on my message – which means making it super easy to communicate with my target market in a way that just naturally flows!

Karen Widas


The Marketing and Messaging Class is $497.

Start now and work at your own pace.

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