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Live The Laws Of Success: Case Study

By Amira Alvarez

The thing about the Laws of Success is that they always work when you work them.

They are like a recipe, that when you follow them properly––when you LIVE THEM daily––they work…100% of the time, no exceptions…

And this is what my client Mara did… and I'm going to use her as a case study to show you how…

The Law of Resentment,…
The Law of Self-Worth, and…
The Law of More Life


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Mara runs a marketing and communication business that serves non-profit and arts organizations.

She was burnt out on her business, she didn't like it anymore, and it certainly wasn't bringing in the kind of money she wanted.

She had a deeply embedded story that she was telling herself that “non-profits don't pay” and this was exactly what was materializing for her… they weren't paying and she was struggling to make money.

In fact, they were asking a lot of her for very little money. She was constantly running around, doing extras, trying to prove the value of what they were getting.

The advice that I gave her was to start loving her business again… step out of the resentment, take responsibility for your attitude and turn this around. Love your business again NOW… not after it has proven itself to you.

Then we looked at the Self-Worth piece… step-by-step… and unraveled that. At first, she fought me on that and only wanted to talk about the concrete, outer game pieces of her business.

But here's the thing… she couldn't see all the benefits she was providing her clients and she couldn't take the action required to grow her business because she didn't value herself enough. It was a giant blind spot for her.

Once we unraveled the Self-Worth issues… it was like a giant boulder lifted…

Not only is her business now cash-flowing… She's making 60-70% more!!

Moreover, because she's gotten out of her own way, gotten out of resentment and raised her level of self-worth, she's been able to hire better and insist on a higher standard of training for her team, so her business is practically running itself now. 

She now only spends an hour or two in the office and is home overseeing the renovation of her home. “Suddenly”… she doesn't hate her company so much anymore. ;-)

It's cash flowing. The non-profits are paying her top fees and she loves serving them at the highest level.

Plus, she's owned one of her true desires… being a writer… and she's written 3 children's books and 2 coffee table books in the span of only a few months.


When she took the steps she needed to, did her growth work, claimed her desires, and didn't fight her ‘more life' directive… everything opened up for her.

This is how you step into… “making money is easy.”


PS: I invite you to stand in your power with no apologies and bring all of YOU to the world in a bigger way. Start now. This is so important. This is how you get the wholeness, peace, and joy that you really want.  Contact my team today!

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