Making More with Less

Less Struggle. Less overwhelm. Less 16-hour days.

Are you the type of person who's willing to learn exactly what to do to double, triple, or even 10x your income?

But you wonder...

If it's really possible to increase your income without increasing your working hours? 

To build a thriving team when you “don’t have enough money” to hire?

Can you really create seamless systems that automate your business when you “don’t have the time” to build them out?

Can you really repackage and frame what you sell to increase its value and your profits, without losing all your clients?

Is it really possible to make your annual income your monthly income?

The answer is YES, and I know this because I’ve created it in my own business and helped my clients do the same!

But I had to learn to

See... When I first started my business, and really all my life until I broke free and made my annual income my monthly income... I was run by an outdated set of rules.

These rules said... "You've got to work hard for your success" and "Put other people's feelings and desires above your own." 

And these aren't "bad rules" in and of themselves... they had helped me have a basically successful life and great relationships, but now it was clear that they were holding me back and sabotaging my entrepreneurial journey... 

I was working really hard and trying to do the right thing by people, but I was still struggling...

When I was sitting on the floor of my office... working on one last thing that I was trying to get done... I heard my husband call up. He ask when I was coming down for dinner... and I felt that weight and conflict in my heart... I was letting him down again... but I just needed to get this one thing done. 

I hadn't showered or even brushed my teeth, I was grimy and still in my "work from home lifestyle" sweats...  cramming like I was in college... I had worked another 12 to 16-hour day with total tunnel vision into my laptop... and all I wanted to do was get one more thing done...  trapped by the belief that I just had to work harder and longer to make the money we needed, in the struggle, and really not knowing how to please everyone... my clients, my husband, and myself.

I wanted to cry. 
I was so torn and frustrated.
But I wasn't going to give up.

I knew in my heart that there had to be an easier way. I couldn't work any harder. Working harder wasn't going to scale—I was already at capacity. If I was really going to have a successful business, I realized there had to be different rules... rules I didn't know but that those folks who made money rapidly and didn't lose their soul did know! 

So, being someone who was willing to learn... I did just that. I set out to learn the right rules to the game of business. 

Once I figured out the "rules to the game" and how to leverage my work ethic and plug into my own desire, I was able to 5x my income and go onto to make $700k in one year while serving my clients at a higher level and creating a stronger relationship with my husband.

These new rules of business aren't magic... but they certainly feel that way when you start using them to increase your income and get leverage in your business.  And this is what I'd like to teach you, if you're willing to learn.

The new rules create leverage in your business. 

But the rules for scaling and creating leverage aren't just about the actions we take, which is the only thing most coaches talk about.

Leveraging successfully and quickly requires both the INNER and OUTER game work:

You can try to take the outer game actions alone, but if you’re not also doing the INNER GAME work, those steps will take longer, you’ll get bogged down by unimportant busy work, and you’ll never be able to truly step into your genius zone. You’ll stay stuck working hard at the plateau you’ve been at and continue struggling with the same challenges, making incremental progress month after month.

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Are you caught on the hamster wheel of not enough time or not enough money to scale and grow?

You need help...  but don't have the time to find the right support, much less train them.

You need help...  but you don't know if your future sales will support hiring.

You need systems... but you're constantly reinventing the wheel, wasting time, or doing it all yourself because you're not willing to spend the time, much less let go of the control

You need to make more money... but you just can't see how with your current business model? And if you do reposition yourself,  you're scared that your colleagues will judge you, your clients won't like the "new you", and that you haven't yet even figured out your own marketing and messaging.  

This is where it becomes ESSENTIAL to...

Start getting leverage over your fears, blocks, and beliefs. You see, there’s only one way to make more money and have more time… you have to CREATE IT.

It doesn't happen out of the blue, by chance. You have to take conscious steps forward towards what you want in order to send a clear directive to your subconscious that THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW.

Otherwise, your subconscious will continue to loop around the beliefs and rules that keep you small and you’ll stay stuck on the hamster wheel of “not enough time or money” forever.

The only way off the wheel is by taking these actions NOW, not later... and actually mastering scaling with packaging, team, and systems. 

The foundation of these three pillars is learning to take Spirit-Driven Action and 100% Personal Responsibility as you move forward.

Each individual pillar of leverage—packaging, system, and team—impacts the others in very specific ways. When you understand this flow and where you need to focus your time and attention FIRST, then you’re able to quantum leap your income far more quickly.

But most people don’t know what to do first!

If you're willing to learn exactly what to do in order to quantum leap your income...

If you’re ready to 10x your income—and bust through your blocks...

I’m excited to invite you to join me in my new six month program:

Making More with Less

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Sorry! Enrollment in the Leverage Program is currently closed. 
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If you don't LOVE the lessons and teachings in the case study trainings and toolkits—if you aren't absolutely blown away—you can receive a full refund within 30 days. We know this coaching is truly transformational, so our only requirement is that you listen to the first two case study trainings, show us your completed work from both toolkits, and attend the coaching call. If you've fully engaged in this way and you're not blown away, we'll absolutely give you a refund. Easy-peasy!

Went from $188k to over 
$1.1 Million In one year!

Amira has helped me untangle many of the core beliefs that kept me in a constant state of guilt, stress, and anxiety. She keeps me accountable in building the life I want and has broken down my goals in bite size, attainable pieces.

In the short time since we first started working together, I have reduced my stress level by 90%, handed off work to an assistant freeing up at least 20% of my time, added a new revenue stream with new clients and many prospects, and increased my income significantly, going from $188k to over $1.1 Million.

The financial benefits are easy to quantify but the benefits associated with being able to build a strong foundation and reduce my stress level are priceless. Thank you, Amira!

Wendy Schultz
Interior Design, Vacation Rental, Remodeling, and Management

In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income

​I was stuck! The energy in my business was stagnated.

I felt discouraged and frustrated that I couldn't create the business that I knew I was meant to have. When I met Amira and experienced her coaching I knew in my heart that this was the next step I needed to take to break through my self-doubt and start experiencing success. It was the best decision I have ever made for my business.

In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income and I am serving more women from a place of love and service than I had thought was possible!

Thank you, Amira for holding a higher vision for me to step into and fully embrace.

Misty Springer
Holistic health coach


Here’s exactly what you get when you sign up:

Two in-depth “How to Get Leverage” Case Study Trainings each month.

Step behind the scenes into the businesses of other women small business owners and entrepreneurs and hear exactly how I coach them to move past their blocks, get leverage, and rapidly increase their income. These are actual examples, not hypotheticals, of what to do and how to do it.

Each of these 12 Case Studies (two brand new trainings per month) is a dive deep into a Leverage member’s business, showing EXACTLY how to create more leverage through packaging, systems, and team… Case studies allow us to see the key elements in practice in an ACTUAL business—which is one of the ways we learn best, and inspire us to take quick action applying the tactics and strategies to our own business.

2x Monthly Fast-Action Toolkits to master the steps to Leverage.

12 Members-only Curated Fast-Action Toolkits with key principles, actionable inner game and outer game exercises, worksheets, and step-by-step instructions to make it easy for you to take the action you need to quickly.

These are your blueprints to getting Leverage. They take the lessons from the Case Study Trainings and distill them into a plan for you and YOUR unique business.

Not only will you be accessing the phenomenal lessons with the Case Study Trainings, you’ll be given a way to quickly integrate and apply them in your own business!

Six coaching calls with me.

Get your questions answered!

Each month join me for a 90-minute group call where you’ll be able to get your unique questions answered so that you stay on-track and in momentum with all that you’re learning and doing. 

Receive laser focused coaching around your own inner and outer game leverage work and how to scale with the three pillars of leverage… packaging, systems, and team.

6-month access to private Facebook community with other program members.

A community of like-minded women in business is so important when you’re going for more. This Facebook group will allow you to connect and share with other members of the Leverage program and discuss your go-forward plans, challenges, and wins as you start applying these concepts to your business. 

Ask each other questions, give and receive support, and share resources!

VIP Ticket to my next Mindset Mastery Retreat!

I don’t care who you are, what you’re offering, or who you serve—whether you’re a coach, artist, real estate agent, author, healer, government contractor, consultant, or anything else—absolutely everyone who's in business needs to understand and master the inner and outer game of sales, if they want to be successful.

The next Mindset Mastery Retreat is on The Namaste of Sales. 

If you hate sales, you'll learn to love it. If you think you don't need to do sales, you'll realize what you're missing. If you think you're already good at sales, you'll get great. 

Don't miss this revolutionary training. Enrollment in Leverage automatically gives you VIP access to this LIVE, 2.5 Day In-Person Training. 

Dates and location coming soon.
VIP Access includes private, early access to the champagne meet and greet with Amira!

Making More with Less


  • You’re ready to learn how to quantum leap your business and move to a whole new level of income, operations, and living—but something’s missing or in the way.
  • You hear the mantra, “work smarter, not harder!” yet you can’t seem to get past the working harder part. You’re overwhelmed, hustling around the clock, and continually struggling to meet your goals. (How do you even get to the “smarter” part?!)
  • You know you’re leaving money on the table in your business, but you have no idea where. And even if you did, you’re not sure you could handle it.
  • You know that you need better systems, processes, and support—but you don’t know what that means specifically for YOUR business, where YOU’RE at right now, and where YOU want to go… let alone where to even begin.
  • You’re ready to DO THE WORK of getting leverage in your business—as well as over your fears, blocks, and beliefs—so that you can finally scale with more ease.

Landed a contract for $534,000!

​I am living proof that there is a way to speed up holding the energy for and creating something bigger than we are used to in our business.

I recently went after and landed a contract for $534,000, something I would only have dreamed of doing previously. This contract represents a quantum leap for me both financially but also as who I'm showing up to be as a business owner. And there's more on the way!

Although my levels of confidence have fluctuated and I've had extreme levels of doubt and insecurities, I've been buoyed by bouts of successes after following Amira's advice. Without the Business Acceleration Bootcamp group and her consistent mentoring, I would NEVER have taken the risks to stretch out there into this business I'm creating and I would have only stayed in my comfort zone.

I am constantly doing this with a huge leap of faith, that it will work out. And amazingly it does.

My strengths are I make decisions, follow through, know that I am creative and flexible, operate from the heart and a place of integrity. But I would have never taken these steps without the encouragement and vision that Amira held out in front of me. Allowing the positive thoughts to blossom and the negative thoughts to wither without water.

And please do come to the retreat. Again a huge leap of faith on my part…. in reality, I am kind of an introvert who poses as an extrovert… but I'm coming for MORE.

Lauren Wheeler, LEED AP
Ecologically focused landscape design

Making more than 8x what she was making before!!!

​​I learned how to make sales calls and I made 10k in about a month. (I normally make $1,200/month.)

The things that Amira taught me I shared with my husband… and it worked. Collectively my husband and I make about 12-13k/month and we challenged each other to reach $25k in May. Well, we hit $35k for May!!!

Michelle Lagaly

I’m Amira Alvarez, a business coach who helps women accelerate how quickly they grow their business through business strategies and critical mindset shifts that get results.

I've helped women go from making $2,500 in a “good month” to $7,500 in the span of just 30 days. I've also helped women go from making $188,000 to over $1.2 million dollars in sales in less than one year.

These results are phenomenal and yes they happened quickly, but I’m not a miracle worker. I don’t have a magic wand that causes money to fall from the sky overnight.

What I do have is extensive sales, marketing, business building, and leveraging experienceplus I'm able to uncover what specific beliefs and blocks are getting in the way of your growth—as well as the ability to identify where you’re leaving money and opportunities on the table out of fear.

My style and process is direct and compassionate. I’ll laugh with you and we’ll celebrate all your wins, but I’m also fiercely committed to seeing you succeed, and I will nudge you forward in just the right ways… getting you to take the actions necessary for producing real, tangible, income-producing results. Quickly and ultimately with much more ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

What's included in the program?

If I'm an established entrepreneur and have been in business awhile, is this for me?

I'm a total newbie to business, is this for me?

What are the bonuses?

What is the investment?

Is there a guarantee? 


I am showing up as my best Self and closing deals.

After coaching with Amira I have a 100% conversion rate bringing on new clients. I was able to immediately close deals, enroll clients, and the money is coming in… all while being in 100% integrity and showing up as my best Self.

Jenn Krusinski
Transformational Wellness Coach

Discovered money-making opportunities everywhere

​​For 23 years, I was stuck at a ceiling of $4,000 dollars every month. Working with Amira expanded my vision, and ideas started popping. More importantly, I follow through and turn them into income streams. I’m now making $8-10k a month consistently.

Mary Derbyshire
Alexander Technique Teacher


On my way to 7-figures thanks to our coaching.

​Amira helped me cut through my internal noise and confusion and laid out such a clear and exciting business strategy that I marveled at how fast and clearly she saw it and me.

She has a unique gift of seeing your strengths and opportunities and helping you bring them to life with ease and magic.

On my way to 7-figures thanks to our coaching!

Shasta Townsend
Bestselling author, heart-focused entrepreneur & marriage mechanic

I knew what to do, but I was blocked... now I'm not!

My lead virtual assistant and I have been talking about creating more scalable systems, and getting her more support, for years. As a business analyst, I have all the "tools" I should need to create the right systems. Yet the fact remained that in my business, I relied on one single person to do the majority of customer service and support. While I've been experiencing a lot of freedom and flexibility in my business, my assistant didn't even feel she could go on a vacation without checking in daily. This is not how I wanted to run my business. And it's not what she wanted either.

We declared 2018 our year to make a change. Yet we were still stuck. I started working with Amira in January. Bit by bit, I unlocked how I needed to show up. I realized how I was holding us back by not making decisions and taking personal responsibility for exactly how I wanted my business to operate. I was making it challenging, if not impossible, for my assistant to streamline our processes and train someone to do what I relied on her to do. As I got clear, my assistant also rose to the occasion. She hired someone to support her, and has bit by bit been putting more process and repeatable systems into place, so we will be ready to hire and train again as we need to.

This is the perfect example of knowing what to do, but being blocked to actually do it. And as soon as I changed how I showed up, and set a new standard, everything else started to line up with more ease and grace. Amira has been my mentor on this journey — pointing out my limiting beliefs, calling me into action, and helping me see a bigger future that is mine (and my team's) for the taking.

Laura Brandenburg
Bridging the Gap


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