The Spirit of Wealth Mastermind and Masterclass

It's your time to...

  • Build real wealth, reverse any debt, and truly thrive
  • Break through your income plateau, and...
  • Create a new level of ease and peace with your business

How will we do this together you ask?

We'll meet once every 4 months as a collective to:

  1. Bring the exponential power of the Mastermind together IN-PERSON to break through your blindspots and catapult your business (and life!) forward. 
  2. Give you in-depth teaching on the Laws of Success and laser coaching so you can bust through your outdated beliefs and take action at a higher level, like you never have before. 
  3. Uplevel your wealth experience experience by providing you a luxury retreat experience that immediately expands your capacity to receive.

Every month, when we're not meeting in-person, you will participate in a 60-minute masterclass training call where I'll share:

  1. Foundational teachings on the Laws of Success that have allowed me, my clients, and the very few who understand these Laws to create the exact results that they want. This is the recipe to getting rich.

  2. Answers to your questions. These calls will be interactive and allow you to ask exactly how to apply these teachings to your business, right now!

  3. Application assignments to integrate the learning so that it becomes how you LIVE! Remember... "Learning laws without living the laws does not work."

you'll have facebook community access to me and your mastermind sisters where you can:

  1. Step into your GREATNESS. No need to shrink or be small here! Share your successes and be bigger than you've ever been with a tribe of compassionate, real, like-minded women. 

  2. Access the power of the Mastermind, plug into the Universal mind, and receive the exponential wisdom your Mastermind sisters... immediately and on a daily basis.

  3. Get turnaround tips from me on how to apply the Laws to whatever is going on in your business so you can instantly change the course of events.

Who is this for?

This program is designed for the woman who...

  1. Has a track record of making money over the 6-figure mark but wants to go to the next level (double? triple? cross over to 7-figures?) with more ease; 

  2. Is ready to break through her next income plateau;

  3. Has already done a huge amount of mindset work but knows she still has blind spots that hold her back;

  4. Has already done a huge amount of work on her "money story" yet knows that there's more to it or she wouldn't be where she is;

  5. Wants to "Get good with Money"–receiving it, spending it, playing with it, and living with it... graciously; 

  6. Is seeking a powerhouse community of women with real ambition and real soul–no guises and disguises–we're talking sisterhood;

  7. Understands the power of Spirit, but wants to learn how to tap into this power on command;

  8. Loves her intellect and is a voraciously curious learner; 

  9. Wants to be challenged to move beyond her current patterns and beliefs and wants to step into a more powerful, confident version of herself.

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The Laws of Success are like a recipe–follow them and you'll catapult yourself to the next level quickly! 

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