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It’s Called The Master Key To The Universe

By Amira Alvarez

Over the years I bet you've heard a lot about creating a gratitude practice for yourself. It's pretty much a standard tool now in the personal development world.

There's good reason…

It's called the master key to unlocking the power of Universe.

I didn’t always understand this.

If I’m honest, I used to do my gratitude practice as a bit of an obligation… “Okay, I’ll do it… ‘cause you told me it was important.”

I was clearly missing the point and I’m not too big to admit this.

I really didn’t get it and therefore it really didn’t work for me.

But everything changed when I started to do two things…

The first was when I started to be grateful for things IN ADVANCE of them happening. This was HUGE.

I’m so grateful now that xyz has happened.

Using this phrasing would instantly put me into a state where I was visualizing and feeling the excitement of having received or achieved what I wanted. THIS I could get behind!

I could feel this gratitude and I could feel how it instantly raised my vibration. I felt better immediately and this lead to all sorts of momentum in my life and business.

The second big shift was when I taught myself to be grateful for ANY LESSON I needed to learn. This was a bit harder to grasp, but so worth it.

Once I understood that ANY situation in which I was feeling disappointment, frustration, blame, or anything negative was simply an indication that I was needing to go to the next level of awareness in my life… that I needed to learn a lesson and grow… THEN I could find gratitude.

I taught myself to be grateful for this awareness of what I needed to learn and how I needed to grow a-a-and… the very act of doing this allowed me to grow.

This is BIG one and will transform your life and your business if you apply it consistently.

So in honor of this Thanksgiving Holiday week… I encourage you to give thanks in advance and find gratitude in “the growth opportunities.”

This last one is particularly handy if you get triggered by your crazy Uncle Joe. ;-)

Thank you for being in my tribe.



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