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Investing In Your Business

By Amira Alvarez

I just saw a dear friend post on Facebook about a thought she was having regarding where the money to invest in your business comes from.

The first thought that came to me was: Make the money.

That's my answer to investing in my business now.

More on this…

If I want something that I need money to obtain, like coaching, staff, software etc. I go make the money, if I don't already have it. I make it happen for myself.

I say YES, then go make it happen.

I invest, then go make it happen.

This pre-supposes that I'll do the work. This pre-supposes belief in myself.

This wasn't always the case. Previously, I'd look to see if I had the money already.

“Is it here? In my bank account?”

Now, if I want it, I create it.

You can too.

This doesn't mean spend the money, then hope to be saved. Truly. And neither am I advocating to spend money out of fear.

I'm advocating for believing in yourself and your abilities, and the power of taking action in favor of  your dreams.

Think of this pull to invest in your business as a call *to action* that your Desire is making.


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