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Inner Energy

By Amira Alvarez

Wanting to be successful? That's just another name for wanting what's already yours. What's getting in your way?

Do you know where your freedom lies?

Business doesn't have to be a struggle or hard. You can make it that way, of course. But why would you when it can be so much easier?

This is what I love to teach people. And when they “get it” there's a huge healing.

Both of my grandmothers were healers. I'm finally getting that in addition to being a teacher and a coach, I'm a healer. Of the spirit. It's part of my lineage, though I've had to come to it on my own.

So many of my clients have said, “it's like inner energy surgery” or “Spiritual surgery” and it's true. And now I need to own that fully.

The healing is what allows for the ease in creating the outer world success, the doubling or tripling of your income, the more clients, more cash, all of that.

This is what I facilitate and what I am now claiming more fully.

Feels amazing.

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