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“I’m getting inconsistent results. What do I do?”

By Amira Alvarez

“I'm getting inconsistent results. What do I do?”

You show up consistently. (That's the short answer.)

Here's why…

It's the Law of Cause and Effect.

What's the Cause in this situation? 


Your thoughts, your decisions, and your actions are how you show up and determine what shows up for you.

If you plant corn, hoping for wheat… you're still going to get corn. There's no getting around that. You can hope and dream as much as you want… but if you're planting corn, you'll get corn. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. The seed of corn will always grow into the plant of corn.

Same thing with your business…

If you're hiding out or not taking action and hoping for a thriving business, you're going to get the results of hiding out and not taking action… not what you're hoping for. There's no getting around this.

If you're getting inconsistent results, like sporadic clients, contracts, or sales… then we know what the cause is… inconsistent thinking, inconsistent decisions, inconsistent actions. You're not showing up consistently the right way in your business.

There's power in showing up consistently. It works. And it's an essential part of making a quantum leap in income as well as in ease. Let me be clear… it doesn't have to be the grind-it-out style of showing up, but you do have to show up.

Don't make an excuse (because this is where you'll want to).

Every business, at every stage and level, has the potential to grow even more… that is, if you get out of the way and allow for more.

Take an honest look at where you could show up more consistently in your business.

If you start coming up with a story, like… I can't handle any more business right now; I've grown enough for right now; My family will suffer if my business grows any faster; I'll be overwhelmed if I grow too quickly…” then those are the results you're going to continue creating. And I know that's not what you want.

Name it, but do something about it.

Don't stay stuck.

Staying stuck is a CHOICE. So choose something different and you'll begin to see different results in your business that match that choice.


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