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I Find This Super Sexy

By Amira Alvarez

My word for 2019 is metrics. Yep, metrics. You might not think that metrics are super sexy, but I do.

Why? Because achieving my goals turns me on.

And if you want to achieve your goals and killing it in life and business turns you on too, it's time to start loving numbers.

Give me a well organized, detailed tracking sheet and I’m a happy woman. In fact, I have multiple spreadsheets that I use for my business AND personal life, and my team does as well.

Metrics are a HUGE part of every conversation I’m having right now… whether it’s talking with my team about revenue projections, plans, and results, looking at the ways we’re working to serve and support our community of powerhouse women, or when I’m working with clients around their own goals, including creating changes beyond the financials, but in their relationships or their weight as well.

Metrics matter. The numbers don't lie.

You can’t just stick your head in the sand and ignore the numbers, no matter what the goal. That’s what leads to ‘magical thinking’ and inconsistent results.

Sure, you might be “making better choices” in terms of what you eat and taking the stairs instead of the elevator… but are you clear on how your actions impact your energy and weight, or are you just ‘hopeful’ that it will?

Maybe you’ve invested some time and energy into marketing your offerings and you know your income goal for the year… but are you clear on what it would mean for something to be ‘effective’ or ‘ineffective’? Do you know how much of each product you need to sell to hit your number, or how many sales conversations that requires based on your conversion rate?

I know numbers can feel scary and overwhelming… especially if you tell yourself the story that ‘you’re not good with numbers’ or you ‘don’t like spreadsheets’. (I know really smart women that want to run and hide when it comes to clearly looking at their numbers.)

But do you want to be someone with stories and inconsistent results… or someone with the actual successes you desire in income, impact, reach, and lifestyle?

The latter requires honesty with yourself, which requires looking at the numbers.

Don’t worry, I’m going to help you. :-)

I want you to get crystal clear on your biggest goal for the year. Maybe that’s how much money you want to make… maybe that’s creating a more loving and fulfilling partnership… or maybe it’s buying the dream home or taking a ‘round the world trip.

Whatever it is, write it down and make sure it’s SPECIFIC.

And, stay tuned… I’m rolling out a brand new training that’s all about The Metrics to Becoming Unstoppable where we’re going to dive deeper into what metrics mean for YOU and how to use them to achieve your goals and dreams.

Can’t wait to share… ;-)



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