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How To Make Sure You Always Have Plenty Of Clients

By Amira Alvarez

I get it–you look outside your window and you see tons of people, BUT why aren’t they YOUR clients?

Yes, there’s marketing that needs to be done.

Yes, you need to be visible.

Yes, there are conversations to be had.


If you want to make sure you have a full roster of clients and plenty of people on your waitlist, then you need to understand: ‘the impression of increase’.

Wallace Wattles writes about this in his landmark book, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

He says that in order for YOU to be successful, you must CONVEY to others that working with you will allow THEM to have MORE.

Get that?

You have to impress upon them that working with you will help them increase their life and have…

More money, more love, more energy, more impact, more ease, peace, fun… whatever they desire more of in life that you help people with.

You can help them have a better life. You know that. But are you letting them know that? Or are you being shy and overly humble about it? Are you communicating it through what you say and do and how you’re being? Or are you playing small?

To be clear, the impression of increase is NOT about the impression of riches and wealth.

It isn’t about trying to be anything you’re not!!

That means don’t try to present an image of yourself that you’re more successful than you are, or that you’re living a completely different lifestyle than what is true.

No posing in front of private jets and Lamborghinis, unless they’re actually yours!! ;-)

It's about saying, “what I do in this world—the impact I have and the product or service I provide—can help you have more life.”

Do you know how to do this?

Are you doing this?

Take a crack at it today. :)

THIS is one of the ways to ensure you always have clients… by showing up with a focus on bringing MORE LIFE to everyone around you and communicating that.


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